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We are content crazy and love to write. Read about the various sensory-based topics we’ve shared to enrich and empower you.

Sensory Stories # 83: Face-to-face vs virtual engagements

By Marieta du Toit | 26 April, 2023

Today, Marieta talks about face-to-face versus online or digital engagements. As a sensory root, an individual with low sensory thresholds, Marieta prefers online or digital engagements especially when it comes…

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Sensory Stories # 58: How to pack your dishwasher based on your sensory thresholds

By Alison Holmwood | 29 September, 2022

How do you pack your dishwasher? I'm sure that's a question that you haven't put much thought into. How does a person with high sensory thresholds do it? Why might…

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Sensory Stories # 57: Sensory Intelligence® and OCD

By Alison Holmwood | 15 September, 2022

Do you find yourself struggling to break free of obsessive thoughts or repetitive compulsions? Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is more common than you might think. Studies estimate that around 1-2% of the…

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Sensory Stories # 56: How to reduce distractions in ADHD

By Alison Holmwood | 14 September, 2022

Have you been diagnosed with ADHD? Do you find that daily distractions are ruining your day-to-day productivity? Then watch Annemarie's vlog to gain insight into our Sensory Intelligence® view. Firstly,…

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Sensory Stories # 55: Sensory intelligence® and Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease

By Alison Holmwood | 6 September, 2022

This weekend, Marieta visited a family member in a facility specifically catering for people with Dementia and Alzheimer's disease. This got her thinking about the importance of how we care…

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Sensory Stories # 54: Autism spectrum disorder and their sensory worlds

By Alison Holmwood | 6 September, 2022

In this video, Annemarie talks about the sensory side to autism spectrum disorder  (ASD). After working as a therapist for children with ASD for 15 years, she began working with adults as…

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Sensory Stories # 53: Neurodiversity – we are all just different

By Alison Holmwood | 31 August, 2022

In this episode, Annemarie talks about a very prominent buzz word - neurodiversity. This makes us happy as occupational therapists at Sensory intelligence® Consulting, as we've always played in the…

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Sensory Stories # 52: Sensory intelligence® for depression

By Alison Holmwood | 26 August, 2022

Today, Marieta explains how Sensory Intelligence® promotes wellness strategies to help cope with depression and stress. About 280 million people worldwide suffer from depression, a very sad statistic and one…

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Sensory Stories # 51: Sensory intelligence® for anxiety

By Alison Holmwood | 23 August, 2022

In this video, Marieta talks about sensory strategies you can use every day to help cope with anxiety. She discusses sensory snacks, sensory diets and sensory ergonomics. These are all…

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Sensory Stories # 50: Sensory intelligence® and trauma

By Alison Holmwood | 18 August, 2022

The world is filled with distractions and irritations, making it easy to become sensory overloaded. While this is true for all of us, it is exponentially worse for people suffering…

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Sensory Stories # 49: The Neuroscience of Sensory Intelligence®

By Alison Holmwood | 16 August, 2022

The brain is the most complex object in the universe. We have 100 billion nerve cells with infinite connections in our brains…. isn't that amazing?! Sensory intelligence® is fully rooted in…

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Sensory Stories # 48: Fussy adult eaters exist too

By Alison Holmwood | 4 August, 2022

In the previous vlog, Annemarie talked about fussy eating in children and gave some advice on how to address it. Marieta takes a different angle in this video, where she…

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Sensory Stories # 47: How to get your toddler to try new food

By Alison Holmwood | 2 August, 2022

Today we are talking about food again! Annemarie has worked with children with sensory issues for many years and in this video, she shares some tips for parents having difficulty…

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Sensory Stories # 46: Breakaways… to bike or not to bike?

By Alison Holmwood | 28 July, 2022

A lot of people love to get away, to go on a trip and explore a new place. Watch this vlog to hear Marieta talk about travelling from the perspective…

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Sensory Stories # 45: Breakaways… planned or spontaneous?

By Alison Holmwood | 26 July, 2022

Most people love any opportunity they can get to go exploring and take a trip... so let's talk about breakaways! What type of a planner are you? Are you a…

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Sensory Stories # 44: The texture of chickpeas… do you love it or hate it?

By Alison Holmwood | 19 July, 2022

How do you feel about the texture of chickpeas... do you love it or hate it? Different people process and respond to textures differently. When our mouth encounters the texture…

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Sensory Stories # 82: Do you prefer face-to-face or digital engagements?

By Alison Holmwood | 26 April, 2023

In this video, will take a Sensory Intelligence™ approach to looking at the difference between engaging face-to-face versus digitally or online. We use many of our senses when we are…

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Sensory Stories # 81: The Sensory Matrix™ Assessment updates

By Alison Holmwood | 19 April, 2023

In this video, Annemarie provides an overview of how the updates made to the Sensory Matrix™ questionnaire, now version 3, following her validation research study. The study reviewed all 120 questions…

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Sensory Stories # 80: [email protected]™ launch

By Alison Holmwood | 14 April, 2023

We have big news! Sensory intelligence® is launching our new assessment site and with that, our new product called [email protected]™. [email protected]™ measures your sensory thresholds - are you sensitive or…

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Sensory Stories # 79: SAS launch

By Alison Holmwood | 12 April, 2023

Today is the 11th of April 2023, a very important date for us at Sensory intelligence® as we officially shut down our legacy sensory assessment site. We are moving over…

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Sensory Stories # 78: Research and sensory style data

By Alison Holmwood | 31 March, 2023

Annemarie is on the data buzz today, in this latest vlog she delves into her research into Sensory Intelligence™, sensory thresholds and sensory wiring - she is sharing her true…

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Sensory Stories # 77: Personal space throughout my career

By Alison Holmwood | 10 March, 2023

This week, we are continuing the conversation on personal space. In this video I give you a little glimpse into my career to illustrate how an understanding of "personal space"…

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Sensory Stories # 76: Personal Space

By Alison Holmwood | 7 March, 2023

Touch is sent to and processed by your brain via receptors located throughout your skin. It is the main sensory system that directs your personal-space choices. In order to feel…

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Practitioners Course Linked In Event 3: March 2023

By Alison Holmwood | 3 March, 2023

Did you know that positive relationships are the #1 contributor to health and prosperity? In this video, our 3rd Sensory Intelligence® introduction session, Dr Annemarie Lombard introduces you to the…

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Sensory Stories # 75: My personal journey with hybrid- and home working

By Alison Holmwood | 17 February, 2023

In this video, Marieta shares her personal journey with hybrid- and home-working. Before joining the Sensory Intelligence® team, she worked as an occupational therapist. She talks about her experience of…

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Sensory Stories # 74: My personal journey with home working

By Alison Holmwood | 14 February, 2023

Hybrid working is the new norm post the pandemic and for us at Sensory Intelligence®, the same thing is true. This new way of working has created endless opportunities for…

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Sensory Stories # 73: Communication preference based on sensory styles

By Alison Holmwood | 9 February, 2023

In this vlog, Marieta talks about meetings and communication styles specifically in the work setting. In the previous video, Annemarie speaks about her preference for face-to-face communication as a sensory…

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Sensory Stories # 72: Meetings and communication based on your sensory style

By Alison Holmwood | 7 February, 2023

What is your preferred communication style? Is it face-to-face, by email, via web chat, messaging... ultimately communication is about getting the message across efficiently, and productivity always comes first. In…

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Practitioners Course Linked In Event 2: January 2023

By Alison Holmwood | 27 January, 2023

Did you know 30% of people work best from home - are you one of them? In this, our 2nd Sensory Intelligence™ introduction session, Dr Annemarie Lombard introduces you to…

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Sensory Stories # 71: Understanding your senses at work – seekers vs avoiders

By Alison Holmwood | 21 January, 2023

In this video, Marieta delves into the topic of senses at work. She looks at the difference that offices or workspaces can have on our unique sensory thresholds. She talks…

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Sensory Stories # 70: Understanding your senses at work.

By Alison Holmwood | 17 January, 2023

Work is a reality for most and even if you don't work, you still operate in an environment. In any work environment we see, we hear, we smell, we taste,…

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Sensory Stories # 69: Making holiday destinations work best for you

By Marieta du Toit | 20 December, 2022

Everyone has a favorite holiday destination but they usually have tales of bad holidays as well. Marieta explores holiday options for sensory roots! Listen to her video to see how…

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Sensory Stories # 68: Choosing the best-fit holiday destination

By Alison Holmwood | 13 December, 2022

Have you ever thought about why you choose the holiday destination you choose or why you choose who you choose to travel with? Annemarie looks at our pre-disposed sensory thresholds…

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Practitioners Course Linked In Event 1: December 2022

By Annemarie Lombard | 9 December, 2022

Self-development and building your practice are important for growth and expansion whether a Wellness Practitioner, Coach, HR, or Counsellor. During this event, we introduce you to how Sensory Intelligence® can assist…

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Sensory Stories # 59: Why you might not enjoy gardening as a result of your sensory thresholds

By Alison Holmwood | 30 September, 2022

Is gardening for you or not? Gardening gloves on or off? In this episode, Marieta explores our sensory thresholds when it comes to working in the garden. Listen to what…

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Sensory Stories # 67: Choosing stores that you like – Root view

By Alison Holmwood | 16 November, 2022

Marieta takes a look at shopping from a low sensory threshold, root perspective - an interesting contrast to Annemarie's previous vlog as a high threshold leaf. You'll find her in…

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Sensory Stories # 66: Choosing stores/shops according to your sensory thresholds

By Alison Holmwood | 16 November, 2022

What type of shop do you enjoy? Have you ever given it some thought? In this video, Annemarie describes her shopping experiences and choices as someone with a high threshold,…

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Sensory Stories # 65: How to choose the best restaurant if you’re easily overwhelmed

By Alison Holmwood | 20 October, 2022

How to choose the best restaurant if you’re easily overwhelmed...Do the sounds of coffee machines drive you mad? Do you avoid social gatherings because of busy restaurants? Knowing your sensory…

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Sensory Stories # 64: How to choose the best restaurant…

By Alison Holmwood | 19 October, 2022

Choosing which restaurant to go to can be challenging, especially when there are so many choices. Some are good, some are bad, some are vibey, some are quiet... and I'm…

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Sensory Stories # 63: What to do if shopping malls overwhelm you…

By Alison Holmwood | 13 October, 2022

Does going to a shopping mall cause you to feel overwhelmed? As a sensory root - a sensory avoider - Marieta shares some insight into how you can empower yourself…

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Sensory Stories # 62: Shopping choices and how sensory leaves do it

By Alison Holmwood | 12 October, 2022

What kind of a shopper are you? Do you enjoy a busy mall with lots of activity, or shopping at the neighbourhood corner store, or do you prefer shopping online…

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Sensory Stories # 61: Why would you never get a tattoo? The answer may lie in your sensory wiring.

By Alison Holmwood | 7 October, 2022

In this video, Marieta considers the view that sensory avoiders, those with low sensory thresholds, may have on tattoos. Learn to think differently about the sensory wiring that makes us…

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Sensory Stories # 60: Why do you love getting a tattoo? The answer may lie in your sensory wiring.

By Alison Holmwood | 4 October, 2022

Why do some people love getting a tattoo and others don't? In this episode, Annemarie explores whether your sensory wiring may be a factor in deciding whether to get a…

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