Senses on

A call centre assessment tool to best match employees with workspace and role

Are you?

  • A decision-maker in a call centre
  • Experience high absenteeism rates
  • Dealing with high attrition rates
  • Feeling the financial pinch of these
  • Losing business as a result
  • Struggling to recruit and retain good employees
  • Not sure how to implement home – versus office working successfully

How do you benefit?

  • Reduce attrition and increase tenure
  • Reduce stress and absenteeism
  • Boost performance and keep agents focused and engaged for longer
  • Ensure effective role allocation and succession planning
  • Allocate the best-fit employees to work at home
  • Allocate the best-fit employees to work from the office
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Save time and money

How is Senses on Call™ different?

  • It is an online assessment tool, consisting of 60 non-leading questions about sensory processing
  • Senses on Call™ measures how individuals respond to their environment through the 7 senses
  • It has been studied and designed exclusively for the call centre environment, to identify people that will be most suitable to work in a sensory overloaded workspace
  • Fully embedded in research and neuroscience
  • A world-first and innovative tool
  • It provides an easy to interpret report with the following results:
    • Best-fit work environment
    • Best-fit role allocation
    • Productive seating and equipment
    • Performance tips for team leaders and managers

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I attended the Sensory Intelligence® Practitioner’s course last week after two friends had recommended it to me and it was absolutely fantastic. I learned so much about myself, how to understand the clients I work with, and by the end of it, I felt equipped with a range of strategies that I can use in my everyday practice. It was a privilege to learn from Dr Annemarie Lombard, an expert in this field. The course left me feeling very inspired, and excited about my career as an OT. Highly recommend this course to anyone!

Lauren Burn

Occupational Therapist

How does it work?

  • Senses on Call™ is purchased on request via email
  • Please follow the links to request information and or place an order
  • Order and pay for your order on invoice
  • You will receive secure access to on our online testing platform
  • Usernames and passwords are provided for the client to use with current or prospective staff
  • The candidate / staff member will complete 60 non-leading questions which will take ±10 minutes
  • Usernames and passwords are unique and expire after a single-use
  • On completion of an assessment, a customised 9-page Senses on Call™ report is emailed to the client
  • We provide further support to interpret the reports and how to use them to your best benefit

Build your call centre business

Ensure productive and happy call centre staff to serve your clients

Let's get sensory

  • Each call centre role was benchmarked for sensory overload ratings
  • We match your agent with the best-fit role
  • Collections, sales, service, quality assurance and back office areas get matched with your sensory type
  • Hot desking or hot seating are embraced by sensory seekers while sensory avoiders detest it
  • Homeworking positions are great for some while others get bored

Let's get sensory

  • High threshold people (sensory seekers) are typically best suited for front office calling positions
  • Medium threshold people (sensory neutrals) can be utilised in any environment
  • Low threshold people (sensory avoiders) are typically best suited for back office support positions
  • We match your staff member with the best-fit environment

Let's get sensory

  • Each sensory system score is an indicator to where the person will be best seated
  • Visual scores assist with the use of dividers and screens
  • Auditory scores assist with the best choice for headsets
  • Touch scores assist with density and cluster seating
  • Smell scores assist with proximity to bathrooms and cafeterias
  • Movement scores assist with proximity to stretch areas
  • Multisensory scores assist with activity levels

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