A practical workspace checklist for successful home working

Are you?

  • Predominantly working from home
  • Feeling distracted and struggling to focus on your tasks
  • Uncomfortable and not enjoying your home working space
  • Getting sore eyes and headaches from all the computer work
  • Getting sore muscles or backaches from all the sitting
  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed while working from home
  • Struggling to organise your desk and surrounding workspace
  • Feeling that your workspace is not productive enough

How do you benefit?

  • Get a clear 30-point practical needs checklist for home working
  • Learn how to best set up, adapt and manage your home working environment
  • Improve your focus, concentration and daily productivity
  • Remove unnecessary stress and distractions to improve your comfort levels
  • Experience more physical and emotional comfort in your home working space
  • Reduce your stress and have more energy and motivation to work effectively
  • Reduce home working fatigue and burnout
  • Boost your health and wellbeing
Hybrid working

How is the Sensory Audit™ different?

  • It is an online 30-point checklist that has been designed by healthcare professionals who are experts in combining the human brain, productivity and environmental sciences
  • It is based on easy and practical steps to take for effective home working
  • Most of the solutions will cost you nothing extra to implement – we guide you to see your environment through a sensory lens and then adapt accordingly
  • There are 3 sections in the audit:
    • The BASICS, e.g. WiFi and connectivity, desk, chair
    • Your WORKSPACE, e.g. headphones, screen brightness, notification settings
    • Your HABITS & ROUTINES, e.g. time management, online meetings, breaks
  • It will provide you with a guideline to improve your daily home working habits

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What a fabulous website and company. You have so much to be proud of. Excellent job. Its definitely progressive and state of the art. I have never seen anything like it before. Outstanding. I wish you great success with this and your future endeavors.

Carolyn Murray-Slutsky

MS, OTR, C/NDT, FAOTA – Clinician, Author and International Lecturer

How does it work?

  • Follow the link to purchase the Sensory Audit™
  • You will receive access to our assessment platform and can start with your audit
  • You will receive notification of your score notice on the screen and your results will be emailed to you
  • You will get a score out of 60 points as well as a % score
  • This will show you where the gaps are and which adaptations need to be made
  • You can choose to follow up with an individual coaching session with one of our sensory coaches

Make home working easy

Get empowered and upskilled to create productive and distraction-free home working environments

Let's get sensory

  • The brain gets flooded daily with millions of bits of sensory stimuli
  • Sensory ergonomics are easy and effective adaptations to your environment to reduce sensory overload
  • Adding or removing sensory stimuli can take brain focus to the next level
  • Environments matter
  • Environments can be therapeutic
  • Environments can be productive for one person, yet distracting for another

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