Sensory Stories # 81: The Sensory Matrix™ Assessment updates

Posted: 19 April, 2023

By: Annemarie Lombard


In this video, Annemarie provides an overview of the updates made to the Sensory Matrix™ questionnaire, now version 3, following her validation research study. The study reviewed all 120 questions based on the principal component loadings (obtained through Rasch analysis) of each item. More details on the process are given below:

  • 85 questions remained unchanged
  • 14 questions were swopped across passive versus active categories (considering principal component loadings Figure 3)
  • 36 questions were improved with clearer sentence structure or grammar adaptation
  • 12 questions were removed
  • 20 new questions were created
  • 19 questions were changed to be simplified (i.e. “I am bothered by bright and/or fluorescent lights” changed to “I am bothered by bright lights”)
  • 3 questions were changed to remove a double negative meaning (i.e. “I don’t like particular food textures” changed to “I dislike particular food textures”)
  • 3 questions were removed regardless of high component loading as they were considered clinically non-relevant.

All revised questions as well as rule reasoning were then reviewed and verified by specialists. The final updated set of 120 questions replaced the previous version on an IT assessment platform for clinical, consulting, training and coaching use. These built up the next set of data points for review.

The Sensory Matrix™ provides “aha” insights and helps you understand your sensory thresholds to reduce stress and irritability, as well as to make life easier through practical and effective strategies. Click here to learn more about the Sensory Matrix™.

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