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Sensory Stories # 75: My personal journey with hybrid- and home working

Posted: 17 February, 2023

By: Marieta du Toit


Today I want to share a little about my personal journey with hybrid working and home working.

Before I started at Sensory Intelligence® Consulting roughly five to six years ago, I was a traditional occupational therapist who worked with children and absolutely loved it, it was a really fulfilling job.

My practice at school was about 70 kilometres away from where we lived so that meant I was literally working remotely at the school so I got on the school bus in the mornings and went to school had my practice there, did my therapy sessions and came back home in the afternoon and then I still had a practice at home as well.

So actually I had a bit of hybrid working at my remote space and then a little bit at my home office. Even though this was such an amazing opportunity and although I really did enjoy my work – all the sensory input that I was getting from traveling to school and back really started getting to me after a while.

When I started at Sensory Intelligence® and I was just working from home as I am now, it made a huge difference in my life.

You see I am a sensory root or a sensory avoider. I had more control over my environments – I could really control my office space, I could make it look and feel exactly the way that I wanted to and that makes a very big difference to my productivity and how well I function during the day. So for me working from home has been an absolute blessing as a sensory root or a sensory avoider it suits my sensory needs to the “T”

Having said that I have to make sure that I do get away from home because living at home, working from home, it tends to get a bit too much after a while so I always make sure that I go to Pilates classes where I see friends twice a week and then over weekends my husband and I do try to get away from home for a nature walk, maybe getting on the back of the bike and just taking a drive in our beautiful countryside. I do make make a point of getting away from home just to ensure that I don’t get cooped up in my cabin as sensory avoiders tend to do.

I hope that means something to you as well, what do you prefer?


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👩🏼‍🎓 Marieta qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1999 and has been living out her vocational passion since then: helping clients achieve happy, healthy, productive lives. She has been part of the Sensory Intelligence® team since 2017. Marieta has a special interest in combining neurology, sensory regulation and human behaviour in the modern world, thereby facilitating self-awareness and improved quality of life for clients. Due to the increase of stressors in people’s everyday lives, she enjoys guiding people towards better understanding of their own Sensory Matrix™ scores.

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