in a digital world

Learn how to communicate through digital platforms without losing humanity and connection

Are you?

  • Missing social contact with your colleagues
  • Feeling that the quality of communication is superficial and poor
  • Finding it difficult to gauge others’ reactions and responses to digital interactions
  • Spending more time than necessary trying to align tasks and actions with your team
  • Feeling that too many communications are hindering your productivity and output
  • Feeling isolated and disconnected from your team

How do you benefit?

  • Allocate dedicated time with your team to discuss and implement insights, and improve team communication
  • Understand and learn how to apply the 80-20 principle in team communication
  • Understand the 7 senses in communication and how they contribute to effective sharing and understanding
  • Identify your best method of communication, based on your sensory thresholds
  • Identify and use communication cues effectively
  • Learn how to match communication and emoji’s for faster understanding of team needs
  • Learn how to use powerful and connected check-in sessions

How is the Successful Communication workshop different?

  • We focus on your 7 senses and how they contribute to communication
  • Based on sensory brain science and how we need to prepare people to communicate
  • Practical sessions with a focus on team needs and sharing
  • Guidance to understanding video and voice from a more personal and brain science approach
  • We are mental health practitioners and professionals who know how to empower and support people in a group format
  • We are excellent listeners and communicators ourselves

Our Connections

We’ve helped thousands of people and organisations be healthier, happier and more productive

Our Google Reviews
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About a year ago I was not myself… At the time, the best way I could describe it to my fiancé was that I had so many “tabs” open in my head that I had run out of mental “bandwidth”…  I felt as if I had exhausted all resources; mental, emotional, and physical, and that I had very little energy left for the important people and activities in my life. In search of some relief, I came across Annemarie Lombard’s book “Sensory Intelligence®”. It was here I learned that I am extremely “Sensory Sensitive”, becoming overstimulated very easily by my external environment. Finally, everything started to make sense – I felt like a sponge absorbing every little detail of what was happening around me. Furthermore, I knew that others around me were not experiencing life in this way…  This year I have taken steps to create a lifestyle that suits my needs – one where I am able to work independently and have much more space in my day for quiet, deep, creative work and alone time for reflection and meditation…  I am now feeling more myself than I have in a long time and I have so much more energy and mental clarity. I feel like understanding my sensory style was the missing puzzle piece that finally gave me the push I needed to create a lifestyle that works for me.

Candice Black

Director / Founder & Independent Consulting Psychometrist at HUMANESSENCE (Pty) Ltd

How does it work?

  • A 120-minute Zoom workshop for you and your team
  • All participants must complete the Sensory Matrix™ assessment prior to the workshop
  • We use the Sensory Matrix™ results to identify your best method of communication
  • Facilitated by our team of experts in mental health who are passionate about helping people
  • Real-time, chat-box interaction, your questions being answered immediately
  • Practical, easy and effective tips, to download and implement immediately
  • A learning and growth opportunity for individuals and teams

Learn how to communicate successfully by
being sensory intelligent

Join our learning revolution and get future-fit

Let's get sensory

  • Stop, look and listen – Communication 101
  • Communication is more about listening than speaking
  • Video and audio in digital communication – how, what, where and why
  • Brain science 80-20
  • The 7 senses and how they contribute to communication
  • Sensory thresholds and how they explain different communication needs and styles
  • The stress robot and emoji’s – are you red, orange or green – getting ready to communicate
  • Connected check-ins
  • Healthy habits for effective communication