Sensory Stories # 38: Information hoarding mixed with a bit of FOMO

Posted: 14 June, 2022

By: Annemarie Lombard


Today, Annemarie talks about information hoarding, particularly from her perspective as a sensory seeker. As someone with high thresholds, she often seeks stimulation whether it be by reading articles, research or white papers.

In the next vlog, Marieta takes a different approach as a sensory avoider

So make sure you watch both of these vlogs in combination – Annemarie at the one extreme and Marieta at the other extreme – to see how it plays into the way they approach their work, approach their tasks and the choices they make.

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👩🏼‍🎓 Annemarie has a PhD in Occupational therapy, Health Sciences and continues to be fascinated by sensory processing and the impact it has on our lives. She works with a dynamic team and a group of licensed users of the Sensory Intelligence® tools. She has also written a book, “Sensory intelligence, why it matters more than IQ and EQ”, which you can buy here.

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