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What is Sensory Intelligence®
Sensory Intelligence® Consulting is a people assessment, learning and development company. We help people to understand their 7 senses and how they impact life, work and relationships. We measure your sensory thresholds through assessments, but there is no right or wrong. Using the insights and aha moments will allow you to understand yourself and make adaptations accordingly. Ultimately it can improve your productivity, well-being and relationships.

Where is Sensory Intelligence® Consulting based?
Our core team works fully remotely in South Africa. We have a large group of practitioners who are licensed to use our products and services and are available to service a large group of clients globally.

Who to contact at Sensory Intelligence®
Dr Annemarie Lombard – Founder, CEO, Thought Leader, Workshop Facilitator – [email protected]
Marieta du Toit – Director, Sensory Coach, Workshop Facilitator – [email protected]
Alison Holmwood – Support Desk Manager, All general enquiries – [email protected]

Can I make an appointment to see someone at Sensory Intelligence®’s office?
No, we do not see clients/patients face-to-face – this is not a practice. We work online with all our clients. We can however connect you with a practitioner in your area should you want a face-to-face session.

Do you offer virtual one-on-one sessions?
Once you have completed your Sensory Matrix™ self-assessment online, we can arrange a Zoom debrief session with one of our trained practitioners to continue your sensory journey with you. You can also opt for a face-to-face session should a practitioner be in your geographical area.

What does Sensory Intelligence® offer?

  • Self-Assessments
    Sensory Quiz™
    The Sensory Quiz™ is a FREE, quick and easy introduction to assessing your sensory style.
    Sensory Matrix™
    An assessment, results and solutions experience with aha moments to understand your 7 senses and use them to be productive, healthy and happy. This is our core wellness assessment.
    A self-assessment to establish whether you are best suited for home, office or hybrid working. This is our core hybrid work productivity assessment.
    Sensory Audit™
    A practical 30-point workspace checklist for successful home working.
    Senses On Call™
    A call centre assessment tool to best match employees with workspace and role. This is our dedicated assessment for call centre people productivity.
  • Practitioners Training
    Our “Rolls Royce” course teaches professionals the theory, research and practical application of Sensory Intelligence®️.
  • Workshops – Upskill yourself and get future-fit for the new world of work. We offer training and coaching services for individuals, families and teams following the completion of a sensory self-assessment.

Why should I trust what you teach at Sensory Intelligence®?
We are a niche group of passionate healthcare professionals. Our work is embedded in research and neuroscience, tried and tested and provides tangible personal and business results for sustained growth and success. We have been operating since 2002. As a company, we fully endorse and promote innovation for the new world of work as we serve individuals, groups and organizations who are innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers searching for a calmer, healthier and more productive environment. Our client base is those who truly believe and invest in the power of human behaviour and people development.

What can Sensory Intelligence® do for me?
The world is filled with distractions, irritations and overload. We help you understand and maximise your sensory wiring to be calm, focused, more productive and comfortable.

What can Sensory Intelligence® do for my family?
We can help you to understand and manage the sensory irritations that affect your relationships and family life. We help you drop labels, become more compassionate and understanding, and take your relationships to the next level. It will also empower you to create happy and calm houses as the environment plays a role in everything that we do.

What can Sensory Intelligence® do for my company?
We take your employees on a learning and development journey for productivity or well-being, or both. After a needs analysis, we will determine what your organisation needs most and then align our solutions to fit your needs. Employees will always start by completing one of our assessments and then follow with online workshops for teams and individual coaching should that be required. We focus on improving teamwork, productivity (for both home and office spaces), self-management, wellness, productivity, digital fatigue, online communication and work-life integration. Our work is embedded in health sciences so we can also customize content to fit your needs.

Can children do the Sensory Matrix™ or is it only for adults?
We recommend that adolescents from 12 years old to adults are suited to complete the Sensory Matrix™ assessment.

Do my sensory thresholds change during my life?
No, they do not – you are born with your sensory threshold, it does not change. It can however shift because of trauma, unexpected events, pregnancy or any brain injuries.

How are sensory-based assessments different from personality profiles?
Our sensory-based assessments consider how sensory stimulation is being processed by the human brain considering the lower, primitive, intuitive, automatic part of the brain. It removes the thinking/cognitive element and considers the sensing, gut, somatic responses before stimulation reaches the upper brain for thinking. Personality profiles typically measure the middle to higher levels whereas our sensory assessments consider the lower brain only. Together they form a nice unit and value add for you. We fully support other assessment tools to consider the whole brain.

How is Sensory Intelligence® Consulting different from other wellness companies?
We have a holistic approach due to our healthcare expertise, but take a unique approach to people’s solutions through the 7 senses. Environments are our core focus hence the workplace industry, designers and architects being drawn to our work. We believe in empowering people and follow a 2-way approach. Helping organisations create healthy workspaces and at the same time helping employees to take ownership of their own well-being.

  • Your visual – and auditory thresholds will explain your information overload and the best ways to reduce the distractions and stress associated with it.
  • Technology and your senses – how to match versus mismatch.
  • Touch, smell and taste – learn about your sensory connections with social and self-care habits.
  • Your touch thresholds and personal space and how this may influence your relationships.
  • Attention and daily focus – what to do less of and what to do more of.
  • Identify your best movement regulator and whether you need to hit the gym or the golf course.
  • Understand your choices, habits and personal quirks through the senses.

All the above and more is our unique Sensory Intelligence® approach. Different indeed, hey?

Why are your prices in US Dollars?
We are an online global company that charges in USD. This allows our pricing to remain stable and consistent, rather than fluctuating with exchange rates.

Why can I only pay with PayPal?
PayPal is a fast, secure way to pay online. It’s free to sign up for an account and download the app to send and receive money. Using PayPal gives you an extra level of security and fraud prevention. If you pay for a purchase using PayPal that ends up being fraudulent, PayPal can help get your money back.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account?
If you do not have a PayPal account you can “pay as a guest” still on PayPal.

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