Transform your professional practice by joining our “Rolls Royce” course to learn the science and application of Sensory Intelligence®️.

Our next course runs from 1 August to 31 October 2024 with the first live session on the 15th of August.


Are you?

  • Overloaded and frustrated by all the “noise” in your profession
  • Overwhelmed by the increase in mental health clients reaching out to you
  • Concerned about your clients’ inability to successfully reduce their stress
  • Unfulfilled with your current professional toolbox
  • In need of an assessment tool to determine and address adults’ and adolescents’ sensory processing without diagnosing or labelling them
  • Tired of spending hours writing reports after your sensory assessment
  • Interested in expanding your service offering as a healthcare professional, coach, wellness practitioner, workplace designer or organizational development practitioner
  • Wanting to improve your professional status and credibility
  • Wanting to grow your practice and revenue

How do you benefit?

  • Be skilled in using sensory processing for adults in a transformative way
  • Get clarity and direction amidst the noise
  • Enable a higher success rate with your clients
  • Become the practitioners of choice
  • Outsmart your competitors by being innovative
  • Understand complex sensory neuroscience concepts in a more practical and easy-to-use format
  • Acquire and develop an in-depth understanding of sensory processing and sensory-based assessments
  • Learn how sensory processing can improve quality of life, home, work and relationships
  • Expand your toolbox and service offering as a healthcare professional, coach and/or wellness practitioner
  • Be at the forefront of innovation in work practises as an architect, designer or workspace consultant
  • Get preferential access to our sensory-based assessments which generate the reports automatically for you
  • Earn 30 CEU/CPD credits accredited by the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa and/or 20 Core Competencies- and 16 Resource Development hours accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

How is this course different?

  • Start by discovering your own sensory style to make the methodology personal
  • Highly complex sensory processing theories will be made easy, accessible and practical
  • Dr Annemarie Lombard’s (our founder) mission is to make sensory processing easy and accessible for interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Focus on sensory modulation and sensory regulation for adults and adolescents
  • Learn to apply a “hands-off” consulting approach and not a “hands-on” therapy approach
  • It is a blended learning experience with self-directed- and live Zoom sessions, and access to more recordings, articles and information on our learning management system
  • We create a community and take people on an interactive learning journey
  • One-of-a-kind and rated highly. Our delegates rate this course extremely valuable and practical, as exceeding their expectations and recommend it to others.
  • It has been running since 2012, attracting participants from around the globe and across disciplines
  • We offer a money-back guarantee – if you’ve attended all the live sessions and group work and you are not fully satisfied, we will refund you
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Dr Annemarie Lombard is a dynamic speaker who engages the audience with her presentation style and extensive knowledge of sensory integration. It was a privilege to be enlightened at a recent talk on Sensory Intelligence® and ergonomics, and I am grateful for her openness to share her well-researched approach.

Donné Nel

Occupational Therapist

How does it work?

  • Start by signing up for the course.
  • Receive 2 Sensory Matrix™ assessment tokens to complete before the course. One for yourself (very important) and the other to be used with a client or family member of your choice
  • The course consists of 15 modules and is delivered through a blend of self-directed- and live Zoom sessions for more interactive group work
  • We cater for different time zones for the live sessions and offer two time slots: 9.00-11.00 AM SAST (UTC +02:00) OR 3.00-5.00 PM SAST (UTC +02:00)
  • Access to the learning management system (LMS) is granted ± 14 days prior to the first live Zoom session, for pre-reading and to familiarise yourself with the system
  • All course material and videos are available in a secured online dataroom and will be accessible 24/7 over the learning period
  • This is a time commitment, attendance & participation in the live sessions are crucial – this is where in-depth discussions, breakout sessions and interactive sharing all happen
  • The course follows a particular sequence, learning to navigate between deep theory, science and research with practical application
  • Plentiful email communications before, during and after the course to ensure that you are not left in the dark
  • The LMS comments section enables valuable and ongoing Q&A’s between facilitators and participants, throughout the course
  • Attendance (CPD/CEU/CCE/ICF) certificates will be shared on successful completion of the course

Be more successfull in your practise

Invest in yourself and become a preferred service provider

Who is it for?

  • Registered healthcare professionals (occupational therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers, etc.) working with adults and adolescents in mental health-, educational- and return-to-work industries
  • Lifestyle- or executive coaches interested in expanding your service offering
  • Architects, workplace designers and workspace specialists with a keen interest in discovering innovative and new methods for workplace wellness
  • Training- or organizational development practitioners who would be interested in incorporating Sensory Intelligence® as a program in your organisations
  • Any person (with the above credentials) who wishes to become a licensed practitioner/associate

What will you learn?

  • The theory and constructs of sensory processing
  • Neuroscience, pathways and sensory connections
  • Latest research in adult sensory processing
  • Sensory assessments for adults
  • Individual sensory assessment: The Sensory Matrix™
  • Sensory Tree™ – an easy analogy to understand sensory thresholds
  • Sensory Audits™ – understanding space and environments
  • Sensory overload, stress and arousal
  • Sensory Intelligence® applications
  • Intervention models, mental health frameworks and solutions
  • Understand the regulatory properties of the senses
  • Self-regulation as a key self-development concept
  • Sensory snacks, sensory diets and sensory ergonomics
  • Ethical considerations and responsibilities of practitioners
  • Case discussions and group sharing

Who has benefited

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Senses on Call™
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