Workplace Productivity

Successful workplace productivity through your 7 senses

Are you?

  • Feeling irritated with all the “noise” in your day
  • Getting constantly distracted and losing focus
  • Overloaded and stressed by your daily work environment
  • Feeling overwhelmed and confused with hybrid working
  • Uncertain about the future of hybrid working
  • Frustrated and struggling to get work done
  • Making mistakes in daily actions
  • Wanting to understand how space impacts productivity
  • Wanting to maximise work environments

How do you benefit?

  • Reduce distractions, stress and irritations
  • Understand yourself and how you work best individually
  • Understand your team and how you work best collectively
  • Be happy and productive in your hybrid, office or home workspace
  • Get scheduling and people-to-workspace allocation right
  • Create a high-performing culture
  • Be happy and stay committed and motivated in your current workplace

How is the Productivity workshop different?

  • We use the 7 human senses to explore and optimise workplace productivity
  • It is a personal map of how your brain responds to stimuli unconsciously
  • The awareness and insight help you to make changes immediately and effectively
  • It provides a personal and team map to assist employees and teams
  • It provides an alternative view to workplace set-up and design
  • You will link your actions to sensory stimuli within your workspace
  • Strategies are often easy, simple and no-cost to implement for high-performance

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We’ve helped thousands of people and organisations be healthier, happier and more productive

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Thank you for all you have done – your approach has been revolutionary. The impact Sensory Intelligence® has already had on the team has been remarkable.
The team has completely moved themselves around and seated themselves according to the place which is most conducive to their assessment. One of my managers came to me the other day and said – I no longer have to work at night anymore – I am getting through all my work during the day as my productivity has increased by 25%. Amazing. She is so much happier and energised. Simple things – yet so powerful.

Alex Wise

Partner at Deloitte & Touche

How does it work?

  • Book this workshop for your work team
  • All must have completed the Senses@Work™ assessment online before the workshop
  • Commit to a 120-minute Zoom workshop, unpacking the Senses@Work™ group results
  • Real-time, chat-box interaction, questions being answered immediately
  • Hear from our team of healthcare experts, with practical and easy explanations, and learn how to use the results to improve your work life
  • Revealing new learning and growth opportunities for individuals and teams

Learn how to thrive in your working environment
by being sensory intelligent

Join our learning revolution and get future-fit

Let's get sensory

  • Senses@Work™ – a unique and revolutionary wellness tool
  • Sensory thresholds will determine how you respond to your environment intuitively
  • Visual- and auditory thresholds – navigating all the information out there effectively
  • Touch, smell and taste thresholds – how they impact social proximity in the workplace
  • Movement choices – how to stay focused and alert
  • Multi-sensory thresholds – understanding activity choices and engagement types
  • The power of space – how to use the environment for high productivity
  • Your digital 2D space – how to reduce digital fatigue for you

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