Self development in society

Take control of Stress – understand your 7 senses explained by the
Sensory Matrix™

Self Development in Society

Are you?

  • Overloaded and stressed by your daily work environment
  • Feeling overwhelmed and struggling to get things done
  • Frustrated that your daily activities are not meeting your personal expectations
  • Unsure about making the right lifestyle-, clothing-, holiday- and sport choices
  • Irritated by the behaviour and habits of people you live or work with, which is impacting your relationships with them
  • Unfulfilled and not reaching your full potential

Self development in society - how do you benefit?

  • Identify your personal sensory thresholds to better understand your habits and behaviours
  • Gain insight and self-acceptance to understand and appreciate your own uniqueness
  • Identify the root of stress in your life and how best to manage it
  • Get clarity on the type of activities you should be doing, that will meet the fundamental needs of your body and brain
  • Learn to align your work- and lifestyle choices so they make you happier and successful
  • Better understand the people in your life, drop labels, become more compassionate and improve your relationships
Sensory Quiz ™ sensory assessment

How is the Sensory Matrix™ workshop different?

  • Identifying the neurological thresholds of your 7 senses and how they influence your work, life and relationships
  • Unpacking the 26-page report from your assessment, completed prior to the workshop
  • Group review of assessment results, teaches us how to appreciate individual differences and improve relationships
  • The insight and strategies are simple and easy, e.g. switch off notifications, wear different clothing, change the lighting in your office, declutter your desk, etc.

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Thriving in the 21st Century holistically is no mean feat however with Annemarie Lombard’s Sensory Intelligence® course I received empowering tools to do just that.
Being taught to be self-aware of what triggers move me from rationale to high stress and then knowing how to reign in these emotions and manage my related behaviours means I am now able to function more effectively in all aspects of my life. This course is a “gift for life” and I recommend it for anyone who wants to feel elated about living.

Terry Dearling

HR Director at Barloworld Equipment Southern Africa

How does it work?

  • Book this workshop for your work team or family members
  • All must have completed the Sensory Matrix™ assessment online prior to the workshop
  • Commit to a 120-minute Zoom workshop, unpacking the Sensory Matrix™ results
  • Real-time, chat-box interaction, questions being answered immediately
  • Hear from our team of healthcare experts, with practical and easy explanations, and learn how to use the results to improve your quality of life
  • Revealing new learning and growth opportunities for individuals, teams and families
Wellness Coaching

Learn how to thrive in your working environment
by being sensory intelligent

Join our learning revolution and get future-fit

Let's get sensory

  • The Sensory Matrix™ – a unique and revolutionary wellness tool
  • What do we mean by thresholds?
  • The Sensory Tree™ – whether you are a leaf, a root or a trunk
  • Visual- and auditory threshold scores – what to increase or reduce for these information senses
  • Touch, smell and taste thresholds – how they impact social connections, clothing, food choices, grooming and use of household items
  • Movement choices – what are the best or worst sport choices for you and why you should increase movement
  • Multi-sensory thresholds – how they influence your choices daily
  • The power of self-regulation and why we need it to be healthy, happy and productive

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