Digital wellness through the 7 senses

Create healthy online working habits and avoid digital fatigue

Digital Wellness

Are you?

  • Spending more hours behind a computer screen and sitting for most of the day
  • Working harder and not taking regular breaks
  • Going from one online meeting to the next with no breaks in between
  • Tired and exhausted by the end of each day and week
  • Suffering from headaches, watery eyes, sore back, stiff muscles – all physical signs of digital fatigue
  • Feeling an increase in stress, moodiness, irritability and struggling to sleep – all mental signs of digital fatigue

How do you benefit?

  • Reduce fatigue by using our simple yet effective strategies
  • Have more energy and be more focused
  • Get work done faster and easier
  • Manage time better
  • Reduce stress and digital overload
  • Avoid burnout and be more resilient
  • Improve overall mental health and wellbeing

How is the Digital Wellness workshop different?

  • Get new insights and aha moments, understand how your 7 senses in particular support all information going into the brain
  • Easy, simple, yet powerful and effective sensory-based solutions will empower you to adapt daily habits and work practices
  • See the impact and get the solutions for overused visual- and auditory senses, and deprived touch and movement

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I found this workshop incredibly interesting with practical solutions to assist, not only Call Centre Agents, but everyone in the workplace, to maximize their performance.  Many of the topics covered could also assist with home life.”

Beverley Cornwell

Customer Care Manager at Spur Group

How does it work?

  • You have 2 choices:
  • All must have completed the Sensory Matrix™ assessment online prior to the workshop
  • Practical, easy and effective tips that you can implement immediately
  • Fully customised around the Sensory Matrix™ results of the participants
  • Facilitated by our team of experts in workplace productivity and healthcare
  • Real-time, chat-box interaction, your questions being answered immediately
  • A learning and growth opportunity for individuals and teams

Learn how to reduce your digital fatigue by
being sensory intelligent

Join our learning revolution and get future-fit

Let's get sensory

  • A reality check on the digital workspace
  • The increase in digital working resulted in daily sensory overload and sensory deprivation brain patterns
  • How the pandemic fundamentally changed business practises
  • Save your eyes – maximise the visual sense
  • Save your ears – maximise the auditory sense
  • Self-regulate with touch and movement breaks
  • Get scheduling and time management right
  • Healthy habits for digital wellness

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