7 Wellness steps
to cope with change

Learn and implement an easy and practical wellness guide for mental health and wellbeing


Are you?

  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • Bothered by your environment and getting upset quickly
  • Feeling irritated and restless
  • Losing focus and concentration easily
  • Struggling to get through your day
  • Feeling more negative and moody
  • Struggling to unwind and sleep
  • Feeling disconnected and lonely

How do you benefit?

  • Gain insight and strategies to self-regulate, be less stressed and more in control
  • Manage daily distractions and irritations easier and with more confidence
  • Be more productive and engaged with your daily tasks
  • Feel more positive and in control of yourself
  • Increase your sense of calm and control of your daily tasks
  • Get more connected with your own self and others
  • Avoid burnout and be more resilient
  • Improve your mental health and wellbeing

How is the 7 Wellness steps to cope with change workshop different?

  • We use the senses in supporting wellness as the baseline to all our interventions – no one else does!
  • We identify your stress and resilience risks through the Sensory Matrix™ assessment to make it fully customised
  • We blend our knowledge of healthcare, mental health, workplace productivity and brain learning into one workshop
  • We provide you with a daily protocol (simple, easy, sensory- and research-based) to implement easily and effortlessly
  • This has been designed and delivered by mental health experts since 2005

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The Sensory Matrix™ and debrief is a must for any workplace or married couple. Understanding and acknowledging that people have different sensory thresholds and what those thresholds are will bring out the best in any relationship. This relationship could be personal or work related. So glad I did it for myself as well as for my employees.

Sakkie Basson

Owner of Sakkie Basson Rekenmeesters BK

How does it work?

  • All participants must complete the Sensory Matrix™ assessment prior to the workshop
  • Book a 120-minute interactive Zoom workshop for you and your team
  • Facilitated by our team of experts in mental health who are passionate about helping people
  • Real-time, chat-box interaction, your questions being answered immediately
  • Practical, easy and effective tips, to download and implement immediately
  • A learning and growth opportunity for individuals and teams

Learn wellness steps to cope best by
being sensory intelligent

Join our learning revolution and get future-fit

Let's get sensory

  • An introduction to wellness and how to ensure it is transformative in your life aka get back to basics
  • Stress and resilience risks for all types of sensory thresholds (measured by the Sensory Matrix™)
  • Sensory overload, stress & anxiety made simple
  • Kick AAS – an easy guide to management
  • Your wellness protocol:
    • Get the basics right
    • Daily self-care check-in
    • Daily sensory environment check-in
    • The stress stages
    • Take 5 through self-regulation
    • Daily self-care check-out
    • Transitions & gratitude
  • Healthy habits for mental health and wellness
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