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Healthcare professionals, psychologists and coaches are facing an increasing number of mental health problems with clients who need self-understanding, guidance and coping strategies to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

The Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners Training incorporates theory, science, research and intervention of sensory processing for adults and adolescents. It will change the lives of your clients and make you the practitioner of choice.

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“One of the most commonly overlooked workplace challenges is sensory processing and our sensitivities to the daily onslaught of sensory stimuli. We humans are sensory beings, and are constantly receiving sensory input. In fact, we receive 11 million bits of sensory information every second, of which, only 50% of which we can process consciously. We are all, neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals, processing sensory stimulation differently. But neurodiverse thinkers often can be over or under stimulated by factors in their environment. Elements such as lighting, sound, texture, smells, temperature, air quality or overall sense of security all play a role in how we feel and function in a space. Understanding how we are impacted and how to design spaces to accommodate a diverse population is critical to the creation of successful, welcoming environments. Hence the work that Annemarie and the team at Sensory Intelligence® are doing is so important to helping us on that journey”

Kay Sargent

Senior Principal | Director of Work Place - HOK

The benefits of the
Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners training

Get upskilled and immersed in the theory, science, application and intervention of adult/adolescent sensory processing. We take the deep theory and science, and make it practical and accessible, in order for you to expand your toolbox to be the preferred service provider and achieve higher success rates with your clients.

Sensory Coaching

Expand and improve your service as a healthcare provider for adults in mental health and/or educational settings

Sensory Quiz™

Learn how to help your clients understand and accept themselves and go on to improve their quality of life, home, work and relationships

Discover the art of the Sensory Matrix™ assessment and learn how to use it for yourself and your clients

Expand your services as a business- or lifestyle coach to achieve results faster. Efficiently and effectively reduce stress, preserve energy and maximize day-to-day performance

Provide a unique staff development and training methodology for organisations who want to invest in their employee’s mental health, wellbeing and productivity

Earn 30 CEU/CPD credits accredited by the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa and 36 credits accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation)

Become the practitioner of choice

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