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We offer interactive, online workshops for work teams presented by professional healthcare facilitators. Participants will walk away with “aha” moments, insights, skills and strategies that can be implemented immediately, making life easier at work and at home. The content is based on your sensory self-assessment results, the 7 senses, human behaviour, brain science and research.

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Thriving in the 21st Century holistically is no mean feat however with Annemarie Lombard’s Sensory Intelligence® course I received empowering tools to do just that.
Being taught to be self-aware of what triggers move me from rationale to high stress and then knowing how to reign in these emotions and manage my related behaviours means I am now able to function more effectively in all aspects of my life. This course is a “gift for life” and I recommend it for anyone who wants to feel elated about living.

Terry Dearling

HR Director at Barloworld Equipment Southern Africa

Who can benefit from our online workshops?

At Sensory Intelligence® we help individuals and teams gain an understanding of themselves and others. This insight will enable them to navigate sensory overload easier, faster and smarter.

Sensory Matrix™ Self-Assessment

Individuals and teams who believe in self-discovery and self-management, seeking practical self-regulation tools that can lead to a happier, healthier, less-stressed lifestyle

Senses@Work™ Self-Assessment

People who are predominantly working from home and struggling with their home working space, getting distracted and feeling frustrated

Professionals and hybrid workers, spending more hours behind monitors, constantly working, feeling exhausted and digitally fatigued

Individuals and teams feeling stressed, anxious and struggling to cope with the constant change and demands of work and life

Professionals and hybrid workers struggling with work-life balance, often feeling overwhelmed and finding it hard to differentiate where life and work stop & start

Senses on Call™ Self Assessment

Teams working remotely, losing connection and social interactions with their colleagues, feeling isolated and missing their team camaraderie

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Senses on Call™
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