Work from home effectively

Improve your home working space by maximising your visual, auditory, touch, smell, taste and movement senses

Are you?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with your home working space
  • Getting distracted and struggling to focus on your tasks
  • Don’t know where to start with improving your home working space
  • Often feeling strained and fatigued

How do you benefit?

  • Learn the powerful impact that the environment has on your body, brain, actions and behaviour
  • Use a simple, practical checklist and get the basics needed for effective home working
  • Become more focused and productive
  • Have more energy and get more done, effectively and efficiently
  • Reduce fatigue and boost overall health and wellbeing

How is this Work from Home workshop different?

  • We offer sensory-based solutions customised for your Sensory Matrix™ results
  • Your senses are the basis for attention, emotion and behaviour and our niche approach
  • We focus on the sensory environment and how small changes can make a big difference, e.g. change desktop backgrounds
  • Measure your home working space with a  Sensory Audit™, a 30-point checklist, and score your efficiency
  • Continue to use the Sensory Audit™ to stay on track with your space

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We’ve helped thousands of people and organisations be healthier, happier and more productive

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We can recommend Dr Annemarie Lombard with great pleasure. Her contribution towards achieving the desired goal of a project which deals with people in various spaces and placings, is really valuable and in my mind should be an integral part of planning.

Peet van Biljon

Director at Van Biljon Barnardo Architects (Pty)Ltd

How does it work?

  • Book a 90-minute Zoom workshop for your work team
  • All participants must complete the Sensory Matrix™ assessment online prior to the workshop
  • Facilitated by our team of experts in workplace productivity and healthcare
  • We build the Sensory Matrix™ results of your specific team into the workshop content
  • Real-time, chat-box interaction, your questions being answered immediately
  • Practical, easy and effective tips, to implement immediately
  • Access to our Sensory Audit™ assessment
  • A learning and growth opportunity for individuals and teams

Learn how to thrive in your working environment by
being sensory intelligent

Join our learning revolution and get future-fit

Let's get sensory

  • An introduction to home working and understanding of the differences between remote-, hybrid- and office working
  • Get the basics right
  • Visual strategies: lighting, glare, technology
  • Auditory strategies: sounds, noise, notifications, disruptions, music
  • Touch, smell and taste strategies: how to use your social senses
  • Movement tips: stretching, breaks within home working spaces
  • Multi-sensory combinations for routine and structure
  • Using the Sensory Audit™ assessment as a practical checklist for a best practise home working environment