Sensory Stories # 1: Scuba diving as a sporting choice

Posted: 14 January, 2022

By: Annemarie Lombard

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What is your favourite sport? Have you ever thought of scuba diving?

In this video, Annemarie shares her personal experience of scuba diving and why this is not her preferred choice of sport. She links it all with sensory processing – specifically our vestibular systems and how our brains respond to gravity. For those with low vestibular thresholds (like me) floating in the water without my feet on the ground creates confusion, anxiety and discomfort. On the other hand, people with medium to high thresholds for the vestibular system actually enjoy and seek out moving the body through space.

Other sports like sky-diving, running, biking and even walking all do the same thing to your brain… they stimulate the gravity receptors in your inner ear resulting in a fright-away response (low thresholds-sensory sensitivity), neutral response (medium thresholds-sensory neutrals) or a fun-towards response (high thresholds-sensory seeking). Aren’t humans and their unique behaviours fascinating!

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👩🏼‍🎓 Annemarie has a PhD in Occupational therapy, Health Sciences and continues to be fascinated by sensory processing and the impact it has on our lives. She works with a dynamic team and a group of licensed users of the Sensory Intelligence® tools. She has also written a book, “Sensory intelligence, why it matters more than IQ and EQ”, which you can buy here.

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