An assessment-, results- and solutions experience with aha moments to understand your 7 senses and use them to be productive, healthy and happy.

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Are you?

  • On a path of self-discovery and self-learning
  • In need of tools to reduce your stress, distractions and overload
  • Often feeling overloaded and overwhelmed by your environment
  • Overreacting to sensory stimuli such as noises, bright lights, people close to you, smells or food
  • Feeling bored and understimulated by your environment
  • In conflict with your partner and/or children due to differences in how you do or manage things
  • In conflict with colleagues and feel that they just don’t understand you
  • Wanting easy, simple and effective strategies to be productive
  • Worried about your mental health and wellbeing
  • Not reaching your full potential and believing you can be more successful at life and work

How do you benefit?

  • Learn more about yourself
  • Identify your thresholds to know how your environment unconsciously influences your brain
  • Identify your triggers and distractions in the environment
  • Learn how to self-regulate successfully to beat stress
  • Learn to make self-care personal for you – what works and what doesn’t work
  • Be more focused, energised and productive
  • Improve your productivity at work
  • Boost health and wellness
  • Improve your family, social and work relationships

How is the Sensory Matrix™ different?

  • The Sensory Matrix™ is an online questionnaire, measuring your sensory processing style
  • It provides simple and easy to implement insights and solutions, yet is embedded in science and research
  • The Sensory Matrix™ provides a customised and detailed report with sensory threshold results, insights and simple strategies for easy implementation
  • There is NO right or wrong – your scores will explain how you are wired to unconsciously respond to sensory stimuli and how this influences your daily work and life
  • It considers daily attention, emotion and behaviour from a bottom-up, lower brain focus which is different to other assessment tools
  • It gives aha insights and solutions to workplace productivity, mental health, wellness and relationships
  • Developed by Dr Annemarie Lombard, who holds a PhD in Occupational Therapy (Health Sciences) and based on 30 years of clinical and training experience and research
  • It is rooted in the science of occupational therapy but applies interdisciplinary insights and solutions – it is, therefore, a holistic way to look at mental health and wellbeing

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“One of the most commonly overlooked workplace challenges is sensory processing and our sensitivities to the daily onslaught of sensory stimuli. We humans are sensory beings, and are constantly receiving sensory input. In fact, we receive 11 million bits of sensory information every second, of which, only 50% of which we can process consciously. We are all, neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals, processing sensory stimulation differently. But neurodiverse thinkers often can be over or under stimulated by factors in their environment. Elements such as lighting, sound, texture, smells, temperature, air quality or overall sense of security all play a role in how we feel and function in a space. Understanding how we are impacted and how to design spaces to accommodate a diverse population is critical to the creation of successful, welcoming environments. Hence the work that Annemarie and the team at Sensory Intelligence® are doing is so important to helping us on that journey”

Kay Sargent

Senior Principal | Director of Work Place - HOK

How does it work?

  • Follow the link to purchase the tool
  • You will get a welcome email and then a second email with secure username and password sent to your inbox within minutes after purchase
  • Follow the prompts on the email – it is super easy
  • Complete the 120 questions, it takes ±15 minutes
  • Don’t think too much – go with your gut and respond instinctively
  • You will receive an email thanking you for completing your assessment
  • You will be asked to login to view your detailed and customised 26-page report with results, insights and strategies
  • You can view, download or print your report. We suggest you download your report for safekeeping
  • Your details are safe with us – we use best practice systems for protecting your privacy and details

Radically improve the quality of your life

If you want to take your health, wellbeing, relationships and productivity to the next level, we can help

Let's get sensory

  • Your report will consist of the following:
    • An introduction to Sensory Intelligence®
    • Your results for all the 7 senses
    • If you have low, medium, high or fluctuating thresholds
    • The Sensory tree analogy – of root, trunk or leaf
    • Sensory strategies for each sensory system
    • Sensory strategies for home
    • Sensory strategies for work
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The Sensory Tree™

  • Our sensory tree analogy is easy, simple and fun to understand
  • Are you a root, trunk or leaf?
  • Roots are sensory avoiders
  • Trunks are sensory neutrals
  • Leaves are sensory seekers
  • Do you need less or more stimuli?
  • Understand relationships and diversity with the tree positions
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Self-regulation strategies

  • All our strategies use a bottom-up approach
  • We promote sensory-based actions to calm and organise the body and brain
  • All strategies will be customised and based on your unique results
  • Sensory snacks – quick, easy tools to calm and organise yourself
  • Sensory diets – what activities are best for you
  • Sensory ergonomics – adapting the environment to reduce overload
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Sensory strategies for home

  • Home is where your heart is. So take care of both!
  • Should you live in a high-rise in the city, or a quiet cul-de-sac?
  • How does your sensory style influence your parenting style?
  • Do you need quiet time to get away from the rush?
  • Do you prefer an outdoor camping trip or New York as a holiday destination?
  • Do you prefer a strong curry or a lamb stew?
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General insights

  • Self-awareness is the first step in knowing how you respond to your environment
  • Are you aware of the label in the collar of your shirt?
  • Do you hate standing in a full elevator?
  • Do you like to have your hair cut?
  • Do you prefer to go to the gym or running on your own?
  • How often do you need “time out”?
  • Are you energised by people?
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