A self-assessment to establish whether you are best suited for home, office or hybrid working

Are you or your employees?

  • Struggling to settle into hybrid working and how to get it right
  • Resentful about going back into the office as your performance skyrocketed working from home
  • Feeling lonely and isolated in your home working space
  • Looking for ways to retain your employees
  • Finding it hard to stay focused
  • Struggling to navigate different workspaces
  • Irritated by your current workspace
  • Unsure whether you want to or should go back to the office
  • Need to know what your “sweet spot” is for working
  • Distracted and unproductive in your workspace
  • Wanting easy, simple, and effective strategies to be productive
  • Worried about your mental health and wellbeing
  • Not reaching your full potential and believing you can be more successful at life and work

How do you benefit?

  • Be more accurate in allocating hybrid workspaces for the right people at the right time – everyone has a “sweet spot” 
  • Use baseline sensory wiring, which is core DNA, as a guideline to decide who will work best from home, the office, or hybrid 
  • Increase productivity and deliver higher-quality work for longer periods of time 
  • Reduce distractions to enable better focus, concentration, and energy 
  • Promote self-management and self-regulation
  • Enforce a culture of flexibility and be people-focused in order to improve day-to-day business efficiency 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety and promote workplace health and wellbeing
  • Improve your hybrid culture and become the employer of choice 
  • Invest in your employees to grow your business 
  • Make more money and save more time

How is Senses@Work™ different?

  • Senses@Work™ is a sensory processing test: it measures how intensely people respond to environmental stimuli based on their neurological thresholds – we are measuring basic DNA and behaviour patterns – no other tools measure this 
  • No other assessment or tool considers sensory processing for choosing the best-fit workspaces and workplace productivity
  • It is not a personality test because we believe extraversion/introversion is not the best guideline to decide if people should work from home or the office
  • Senses@Work™ provides an easy and straightforward view of your best-suited workspace and how to be more productive
  • There is NO right or wrong – your scores will explain how you are wired to unconsciously respond to sensory stimuli and how this influences your daily workspace navigation
  • Sensory processing is constant and works in the background without us even noticing it. It is an automatic process that facilitates either comfort or stress in any work environment 
  • It considers daily attention, emotion, and behaviour from a bottom-up, lower-brain focus which is different from other assessment tools
  • It provides an innovative and sophisticated way of matching people with workspaces for the new world of work
  • Developed by Dr. Annemarie Lombard, who holds a Ph.D. in Occupational Therapy (Health Sciences), and based on 30 years of clinical and training experience and research
  • It is rooted in neuroscience and occupational therapy but applies interdisciplinary research, insights, and solutions

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We have found the Sensory Matrix™ tremendously valuable for clients in our mental health facility and return to work practice. Most new patients that are referred for our OT treatment receive a Sensory Matrix™ assessment. The report suggestions are easy, simple and practical. It provides information that our clients can implement regardless of their current stage of illness. It creates a positive and proactive approach which gives our patients hope and facilitates their recovery journey.

Nadia Joubert and Keri-Lee Roebert

Occupational Therapists at Work4Life

How does it work?

  • Follow the link to purchase the tool
  • Organizations can order directly from us for bulk purchasing
  • You will get a welcome email and then a second email with secure username and password sent to your inbox within minutes after the purchase
  • Follow the prompts in the email – it is super easy
  • Complete the 60 questions, it takes ±10 minutes
  • Don’t think too much – go with your gut and respond instinctively
  • You will be asked to login to view your 10-page report with results, insights, and strategies
  • You can view, download or print your report. We suggest you download your report for safekeeping
  • For organizations who purchase in bulk, we create group reports for successful implementation
  • Your details are safe with us – we use best practice systems for protecting your privacy and details

Be productive today, tomorrow and going forward

If you want to maximise the new world of hybrid working and be focused, productive and successful, we can help

The Senses@Work™ report

  • Your report will consist of the following:
    • An introduction to Senses@Work™
    • How do you benefit
    • How does it work
    • The outline of your report and results
    • Best-fit work environments
    • Strategies for your 3D physical workspace
    • Strategies for your 2D digital workspace
    • Performance tips

The Senses@Work™ report

  • Choosing the best-fit work environment based on your sensory thresholds:
    • Hybrid – this is best for 40% of the population
    • Office – this is best for 30% of the population
    • Home – this is best for 30% of the population

The Senses@Work™ report

  • 3D Workspace (your physical workspace) strategies:
    • Visual score and how to use light, color, decor, and clutter
    • Auditory score and how to use breaks, social engagement and cope with distractions
    • Touch score and how to use seating and temperature
    • Smell & Taste score and how to use food and odors
    • Movement score and how to use breaks and seating
    • Multisensory score and how to plan and arrange your work methods

The Senses@Work™ report

  • 2D Workspace (your digital/device/computer) strategies:
    • Visual score and how to use visual notifications, tabs, and video
    • Auditory score and how to use sound notifications, volume, and online calls
    • Touch score and how to use notifications and sensory regulation tools
    • Movement score and how to build in breaks to alleviate digital fatigue
    • Multisensory score and how to schedule your digital engagements

The Senses@Work™ report

  • Performance tips:
    • How do you work best
    • Your development areas
    • Management tips
    • Stress risks

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