Sensory Stories # 9: Mental health and wellbeing for the workplace

Posted: 10 February, 2022

By: Annemarie Lombard


Covid-19 has been a global disrupter, the world of business and the world of healthcare will probably never be the same again.

In the world of business, homeworking has been a huge drive in all the changes we’ve been seeing. 42% of the American population are now working from home permanently while 80% of people globally are saying they would like to return to a home working or a hybrid working model. The flexibility is obviously very appealing, but people are struggling to unplug in this new working model.

From a healthcare perspective mental health has been a global concern and it has been fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are seeing a 27% increase in depression globally and 25% increase in anxiety disorders. Mental health is costing the world economy 2.5 trillion dollars a year and it’s expected to rise to 6 trillion dollars a year by 2030. That’s quite a scary statistic and this is where we come in.

Sensory Intelligence® is a people development, training and coaching platform. We’ve also moved online which has made our work more relevant and appropriate for what we are trying to achieve. Our work is based on the seven senses, really looking at the “why” of people’s attention, emotions and behaviours – three parts of human behaviour that are fundamental to a person’s day-to-day productivity, mental health and well-being.

We guarantee that we will improve the mental health and well-being of your teams and your employees as our approaches use simple, effective, scalable and practical tips and tools that can be implemented immediately. As healthcare professionals we have a huge amount of expertise, skills, experience, and compassion. We are committed to what we do and love working with people. We are the perfect service provider for you and can help with this new need that we are seeing so prevalently across all businesses.

Please scroll down and read more about the work that we are doing and what we can offer you.

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👩🏼‍🎓 Annemarie has a PhD in Occupational therapy, Health Sciences and continues to be fascinated by sensory processing and the impact it has on our lives. She works with a dynamic team and a group of licensed users of the Sensory Intelligence® tools. She has also written a book, “Sensory intelligence, why it matters more than IQ and EQ”, which you can buy here.

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