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Sensory Wellness Coaching help improve your mental health, wellbeing, relationships and productivity through your 7 senses

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Are you?

  • On a path of self-discovery towards a happier, healthier, less-stressed life
  • Exposed to a busy and demanding job
  • Sensory sensitive and prone to be overloaded and irritated by noise, touch, smells, taste, visual- and/or movement stimuli
  • Sensory seeking with a tendency to seek negative stimuli (e.g. overeating, reckless driving) as opposed to positive ones (e.g. exercise, travel)
  • Struggling with distractions and stress within open-plan or shared office spaces
  • Affected by stress and have anxiety, depression and other stress-related illnesses
  • Wanting to understand and manage the sensory irritations that affect your relationships and family life
  • Struggling with ADD/ADHD
  • Struggling with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) symptoms

How do you benefit?

  • Increase your self-awareness and insights to understand your daily attention, emotion and behaviour better
  • Learn how to self-regulate using easy, appropriate and effective strategies
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Improve your daily self-management to apply better use of time and energy
  • Achieve your personal goals to improve the quality of your life and relationships
  • Identify and implement new habits and daily routines to cope best with demands
  • Improve your productivity at work to be more successful

How is Sensory Wellness Coaching different?

  • All our coaches are specialists in either healthcare, coaching and/or human sciences
  • We guarantee you aha moments and a new look at life through the 7 senses
  • We focus on environments, how they do or don’t work for you and how to adapt them
  • Your visual – and auditory thresholds will explain your information overload and the best ways to reduce the distractions and stress associated with it
  • Technology and your senses – how to match versus mismatch
  • Touch, smell and taste – learn about your sensory connections with social and self-care habits
  • Your touch thresholds and personal space and how this may influence your relationships and seating
  • Attention and daily focus – what to do less of and what to do more of
  • Identify your best movement regulator and whether you need to hit the gym or the golf course
  • Understand your choices, habits and personal quirks through the senses
  • Understand your holiday destinations, clothing, food, restaurant choices
  • All of the above and more is our unique Sensory Intelligence® approach
  • Different indeed, hey?
How is the Sensory Quiz™ different?

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I recently attended the Sensory Intelligence® 3-day course in Derby, UK and haven’t stopped talking/thinking about it since (as my friends & colleagues can confirm!). I have previously attended other courses on sensory approaches, but this one has made a significant impact!

Judith Snailham

Occupational Therapist

How does it work?

  • We work with your Sensory Matrix™ results, so ensure you do the assessment first
  • Choose how many sessions and pay online
  • We will pair you with a coach that matches your needs best
  • Most of our coaching sessions are online through Zoom
  • Face-to-face sessions are optional and only when we can pair you with a coach in your geographical area
  • A certain amount of flexibility will be upheld, but it is important that you make a commitment towards input and time. Multiple sessions will yield the best results and will ensure sustainability and implementation of your learning and insights
  • Goal setting will be an integral part of the process

Improve your life and wellbeing

If you are serious about your health, wellbeing, relationships and productivity, our Sensory Wellness Coaching can help.

Let's get sensory

  • Discover your sensory style, systems, thresholds and scores
  • Understand your habits and behaviours based on your sensory thresholds
  • Do you have a high, medium or low stress risk
  • Overload and the information senses (visual and auditory)
  • Overload and the social senses (smell, taste and touch)
  • Movement and multisensory systems for regulation

Let's get sensory

  • Relationships and the Sensory Tree™ – making thresholds simple and easy
  • Understand individual sensory differences, get more compassion and understand yourself and others better
  • Home and work environments – what works for you and what doesn’t
  • Kick AAS (avoid, anticipate, self-regulate)

Let's get sensory

  • Self-regulation strategies – how to calm and organise your brain through bottom-up sensory strategies
  • Sensory snacks – quick, easy and fast sensory actions for calming and organising yourself
  • Sensory diets – lifestyle choices and activities to meet your sensory needs and make you happy
  • Sensory ergonomics – small (or sometimes big) changes to your environment to be more in sync with your brain, your body and your senses

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