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Work-life balance for people working from home

Ensure seamless integration between work and life by implementing healthy habits

Are you?

  • Unsure about the boundaries between work and home
  • Struggling to maintain a home working routine that works
  • Unable to define where work and life start and end
  • Difficulty in attending to family needs whilst also working from home
  • Experiencing increased stress and pressure as you are always “needed”
  • In conflicts with your partner and/or family members because of shared spaces
  • Battling to switch off, go to sleep or stay asleep
  • Feeling guilty because you are neglecting either work or family

How do you benefit?

  • Understand what is happening in the body and brain by blending home- and workspace
  • Get insights from others who are also struggling with work-life balance
  • Learn to think of work-life integration rather than work-life balance as a new norm
  • Identify personal work-life balance dimensions as life, work and home and how to separate as well as blend them
  • Learn the importance of routines, structure and systems
  • Get easy and effective work and family tips
  • Use time and energy effectively
  • Get rid of guilt and embrace home working as a new way of life
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing

How is this Work-life Balance workshop different?

  • We provide practical, easy and simple steps to implement
  • The content is personalised as we use your Sensory Matrix™ results as a guideline
  • Breakout sessions to share work-life balance hurdles with others – you are not alone and it helps to hear other perspectives
  • We provide both group- and individual support through the content and chatbox discussions
  • We blend our knowledge of healthcare, mental health, child development, family dynamics, workplace productivity and brain learning into one workshop
  • Designed and delivered by mental health experts since 2005

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“One of the most commonly overlooked workplace challenges is sensory processing and our sensitivities to the daily onslaught of sensory stimuli. We humans are sensory beings, and are constantly receiving sensory input. In fact, we receive 11 million bits of sensory information every second, of which, only 50% of which we can process consciously. We are all, neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals, processing sensory stimulation differently. But neurodiverse thinkers often can be over or under stimulated by factors in their environment. Elements such as lighting, sound, texture, smells, temperature, air quality or overall sense of security all play a role in how we feel and function in a space. Understanding how we are impacted and how to design spaces to accommodate a diverse population is critical to the creation of successful, welcoming environments. Hence the work that Annemarie and the team at Sensory Intelligence® are doing is so important to helping us on that journey”

Kay Sargent

Senior Principal | Director of Work Place - HOK

How does it work?

  • All participants must complete the Sensory Matrix™ assessment prior to the workshop
  • Book a 120-minute, interactive Zoom workshop for you and your team
  • The Sensory Matrix™ results are used to personalise strategies for work-life balance purpose
  • Facilitated by our team of experts in mental health who are passionate about helping people
  • Real-time, chat-box interaction, your questions being answered immediately
  • Practical, easy and effective tips, to download and implement immediately
  • A learning and growth opportunity for individuals and teams

Learn to conquer work-life balance by
being sensory intelligent

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Let's get sensory

  • Home- and work environments are processed through the 7 senses
  • The merging of these two worlds results in unclear sensory separation between home and work
  • A need to create divisions and barriers both mentally and physically (sensory)
  • Work-life balance dimensions are: work, home and life
  • Home working environment is key
  • Work needs a focus on time, workflow and breaks
  • Life needs a focus on family, social and self-care
  • Integration of work and life focuses on rules/boundaries as well as quality versus quantity
  • Take 5 – take a sensory break