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Sensory Stories # 52: Sensory intelligence® for depression

Posted: 26 August, 2022

By: Marieta du Toit


Today, Marieta explains how Sensory Intelligence® promotes wellness strategies to help cope with depression and stress.

About 280 million people worldwide suffer from depression, a very sad statistic and one which is growing by the day. One of the contributing factors to depression is stress so Sensory Intelligence® promotes wellness by looking at stress levels and how it relates to your sensory wiring. Understanding how you react to the outside world, and what your specific sensory needs are will help you choose sensory strategies that help make you feel more calm, focused and comfortable. Watch the video for more interesting insights and tips.

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👩🏼‍🎓 Marieta qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1999 and has been living out her vocational passion since then: helping clients achieve happy, healthy, productive lives. She has been part of the Sensory Intelligence® team since 2017. Marieta has a special interest in combining neurology, sensory regulation and human behaviour in the modern world, thereby facilitating self-awareness and improved quality of life for clients. Due to the increase of stressors in people’s everyday lives, she enjoys guiding people towards better understanding of their own Sensory Matrix™ scores.