Sensory Stories # 43: The flavour burst of a kumquat

Posted: 19 July, 2022

By: Annemarie Lombard


Today Annemarie takes a sensory spin on kumquats, citrus fruits that are known for their explosion of flavour!

She shares her experience as a sensory seeker, an individual with high sensory thresholds, who understandably appreciates the surge of sensory input that the kumquat has to offer. On the other hand, sensory avoiders may prefer to avoid foods with such high impact textures and intense flavours.

Watch this vlog to hear as Annemarie explores the role of such a fruit in helping you increase your focus and attention levels when needed.

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👩🏼‍🎓 Annemarie has a PhD in Occupational therapy, Health Sciences and continues to be fascinated by sensory processing and the impact it has on our lives. She works with a dynamic team and a group of licensed users of the Sensory Intelligence® tools. She has also written a book, “Sensory intelligence, why it matters more than IQ and EQ”, which you can buy here.

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