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We are all unique and different. The world looks, sounds, smells, feels, and tastes different for all of us. Our online self-assessments help you understand your sensory style, which is part of your genetic brain wiring. Similar to a personality assessment but based on your sensory thresholds and how the environment influences your daily responses. Our sensory barcode was designed to represent the uniqueness and diversity of all human beings. Our differences explain our individual habits, behaviors, likes, and dislikes. By learning more about yourself and others you can manage your life better.

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I had to read Dr Annemarie Lombard’s book on Sensory Intelligence® for work purposes and it was the one book that I just could not put down. I sat at my desk and finished it right then and there. Afterward, I just had to attend the Sensory Intelligence® workshop. Not only does this knowledge and understanding of your own sensory assessment help you to understand yourself better, but it opens up a whole new world in how to deal with and handle the people around you. It gives you an insight into aspects of yourself and your relationships that I never understood before. I now have the ability to regulate my stress levels much better and have the insight to understand the behaviour of others so much better. I really think that everybody should read this book – it’s an absolute must!

Grethe van der Merwe

Previous manager at Livewell@Home

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Through assessments, workshops, and coaching we take you on a unique and powerful self-development journey using the neuroscience of the 7 senses in an easy, simple, and effective way.

Sensory Quiz™

Increase your self-awareness and discover how sensory input influences your daily attention, emotion and behaviour

Sensory Matrix™ Self-Assessment

Apply easy strategies to reduce your sensory overload and consequently improve your health, wellbeing and productivity

Senses@Work™ Self-Assessment

Use your sensory style to identify your best-fit workspace and achieve sustainable productivity and success.

Self-assessment Sensory Audit™

Improve your stress-, time-, and energy management to be more resilient to daily change and chaos

Senses on Call™ Self Assessment

Be more accepting of others and improve your relationships with family, colleagues and friends

Sensory Coaching

Understand your core body needs, apply successful self-care and take ownership to adapt your lifestyle and choices accordingly

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Sensory Quiz™
Sensory Matrix™
Senses on Call™
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