Our environment has a much bigger impact on us than we realise. The world has become chaotic, busy and complex with our 7 senses constantly overstimulated. Sensory overload leads to a high level of disengagement, breakdown in relationships and low productivity. We offer sensory solutions for wellbeing. We simplify sensory neuroscience through practical, easy and cost-effective sensory solutions, tools and methods. We improve personal and employee well-being, efficiency, learning and relationships.
As the thought leader behind Sensory Intelligence®, Dr Annemarie Lombard has revolutionised people profiling, training and development, applying groundbreaking, innovative, yet simple sensory-based strategies to address some of the biggest problems in the new world of work today.

We offer 3 key solutions to help you make life easier

Profiling people
Profiling People
Work space assesment
Work Space Assessment
Training and development
Training & Development

The benefits of sensory intelligence

  • Understand yourself, get more insight, be more self-aware
  • Understand others, be more compassionate and improve your relationships
  • Be more resilient, focused and have more energy to manage your life


Queen Ramotsehoa
Queen Ramotsehoa
Director at Tsheto Leadership and Coaching Academy

“I have used the Profiles in my Women Leadership Programme. I find that the Sensory Intelligence adds to the Women Leaders, and additional layer of Self-knowledge, and they use the knowledge for creating an environment that replenishes, not depletes them. The women’s favourite part is the Sensory Snacks. They love that now they have permission for “me time” that is more informed, and empowering.”

Barney Jordaan
Barney Jordaan
Professor & negotiation and dispute resolution practitioner

“Annemarie’s work on Sensory Intelligence® has been ground-breaking and she has deservedly been praised for her thought leadership in her field. Having worked with Annemarie, I can also attest to her competence and professionalism as a trainer, consultant and practitioner.”

Carolyn Murray-Slutsky
Carolyn Murray-Slutsky
MS, OTR, C/NDT, FAOTA – Clinician, Author and International Lecturer

“What a fabulous web site and company. You have so much to be proud off. Excellent job. Its definitely progressive and state of the art. I have never seen anything like it before. Outstanding. I wish you great success with this and your future endeavors.”