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Sensory Intelligence®

The world is filled with irritations, distractions, and overload. We help you understand and maximize your sensory wiring to be calm, focused, and successful.

Sensory Intelligence®

You will get easy, practical, and effective solutions through assessments, workshops, and coaching. By understanding your 7 senses, your brain, and your environment, sensory intelligence® will radically improve the quality of your life in terms of well-being, productivity, and relationships.

Sensory Intelligence®

The 7 senses are the gateways to the human brain. You see, hear, touch, smell, taste, and move (vestibular & proprioception) to interpret your world unconsciously. They are constantly in the background 24/7 and support body-brain systems for daily attention, emotion, and behavior. It forms our perceptions, habits, and our view of the world around us.

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Sensory Intelligence®

  1. Discover your sensory style
  2. Acknowledge the impact of your 7 senses on your life
  3. Adapt your habits and behaviors to be happy, healthy, and productive

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We’ve helped thousands of people and organisations be healthier, happier and more productive

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We can recommend Dr Annemarie Lombard with great pleasure. Her contribution towards achieving the desired goal of a project which deals with people in various spaces and placings, is really valuable and in my mind should be an integral part of planning.

Peet van Biljon

Director at Van Biljon Barnardo Architects (Pty)Ltd

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Who We Are

We are healthcare professionals, in operation since 2005, who simplify sensory neuroscience for people and organisations to improve personal wellbeing and productivity.


Meet the Experts

Dr Annemarie Lombard

Founder | CEO | Thought Leader

With more than 30 years experience and HPCSA registration, celebrated author of “Sensory Intelligence – why it matters more than IQ and EQ” and multiple award winner, Dr Annemarie Lombard is an undisputed thought leader, researcher and subject expert on sensory neuroscience. With simplicity, innovation and passion, she and her professional team transform individual lives and corporate workplaces for the better as her hundreds of clients nationally and internationally will tell you.

Fiona Meijer

Business Development Strategy

Fiona has over 30 years of experience in Corporate IT and Management. Having been a client of Sensory Intelligence® Consulting, she has experienced the effect and impact that simple sensory changes can have in a high pressure work environment.

Marieta du Toit

Online Sensory Coach | Workshop Co-facilitator

Marieta qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1999 and has been living out her vocational passion since then: helping her clients achieve happy, healthy, productive lives.

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