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Sensory Intelligence®

The world is filled with irritations, distractions, and overload. We help you understand and maximize your sensory wiring to be calm, focused, and successful.

Sensory Intelligence®

You will get easy, practical, and effective solutions through assessments, workshops, and coaching. By understanding your 7 senses, your brain, and your environment, sensory intelligence® will radically improve the quality of your life in terms of well-being, productivity, and relationships.

Sensory Intelligence®

The 7 senses are the gateways to the human brain. You see, hear, touch, smell, taste, and move (vestibular & proprioception) to interpret your world unconsciously. They are constantly in the background 24/7 and support body-brain systems for daily attention, emotion, and behavior. It forms our perceptions, habits, and our view of the world around us.

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Sensory Intelligence®

  1. Discover your sensory style
  2. Acknowledge the impact of your 7 senses on your life
  3. Adapt your habits and behaviours to be happy, healthy, and productive

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Dear Annemarie. My colleague at USB-ED introduced me to your book, Sensory Intelligence®. I read it tonight. I wanted to personally thank you for releasing this book. 5 years ago, I discovered that I am sensory sensitive. Since then I have not been able to gather proper information regarding the subject for better understanding. And then I started reading your book… It is the best book with the most valuable information I have ever come across as a human being. Throughout my life, I have been classified as over-sensitive and people have often taunted me for reacting differently to sensory stimuli. And all it was, is what you classify as “sensitive/defensive”. Thank you for your book’s accuracy. Not only did it help me understand myself even better, but also to understand other people and their levels of sensory tolerance/intolerance.

Charmaine Mitchell

Sales Representative at USB Executive Development

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