We are all unique and different. The world looks, sounds, smells, feels and tastes different for all of us. Through online assessments, we help you to understand your sensory processing style which is mostly part of your genetic brain wiring.  It is similar to a personality assess but based on your sensory thresholds and how the environment influences your daily responses. Our sensory barcode was designed to represent the uniqueness and diversity of all human beings.  We are all different and explains habits, behaviours, likes and dislikes.  By learning more about yourself and others you can manage your life better.

What exactly can we do for you?

Sensory Quiz
The Sensory Quiz is our freebie for anyone needing a quick introduction to sensory intelligence

We provide you with 15 choice questions to determine what your sensory processing style is and what your sensory thresholds are most likely to be.  You will get a short introduction to explain whether you have low, high or medium thresholds. It is a great and obvious starting place to engage with your senses.

Sensory Matrix™
The Sensory Matrix™ is for anyone who wants to be more self-aware, productive and healthy

It is an in-depth assessment asking 120 questions about your visual, auditory, tactile, smell, tast