Twenty habits of highly effective parents

Posted: 20 May, 2016

By: Annemarie Lombard

Section: Education, Parenting

20 Habits of highly successful parents

Parenting is one of the most difficult and important things in the world to do.  And it does not come with a “user-manual”.  You have to rely on instincts and by the way they do matter more than google (even though I am a huge google fan).   You also need to realise that you are preparing a little person to live their own dreams one day.  Being a parent of two boys, age 13 and 9, I am absolutely humbled by the experience.

Even though having years of experience in child development, learning and brain science, I still have days where I throw my hands up in the air and wonder what I should do next.  It is normal and OK.  Raising kids and raising happy, healthy kids are not easy.  I started sensory intelligence in the parenting world.  I used my knowledge and insight from practising with children with learning problems to empower parents to manage their children’s learning and development optimal.  In this quest I quickly realised that advanced learning and development models were no good when the basics were not in place.   Hence effective habits for parents were born.

This is my list – a blend between being an occupational therapist, learning facilitator, mother, coach and mentor.  It reflects the basics and focus on how to get health, balance and love in your home. It was compiled from my experiences training parents over the years.  Not all items will be relevant for smaller children, younger than 4.  You get 1 point for every yes answer – what is your score out of 20?  [Don’t worry, mine isn’t perfect either, but I am trying hard]

  1. Do you kiss/hug/give a compliment/say I love you to your child once a day?
  2. Do you take at least one family holiday per year?
  3. Do you have a set bed-time routine at home and do you stick with it 95% of time (at least during the week)
  4. Do your children do age appropriate chores at home?
  5. Do you buckle up your child when in the car?
  6. Do you have set rules at home and stick with them?
  7. Can and do you say NO to your child?
  8. Do you eat dinner at the table as a family, with the TV off at least 80% of weeknights?
  9. Do your children have at least one day a week where they do not have any extracurricular activities, structured sport and can just play and have fun?
  10. Can you children play on their own and keep themselves busy?
  11. Do your children drink more water than juice/soda per day?
  12. Do your children eat at least one vegetable/fruit per day?
  13. Does your child have a TV in his/her room?  – deduct one point
  14. Do you have a TV in your room? – deduct one point
  15. Do your children play outside/swim/participate in sport daily?
  16. Do you have parental guidance and block set on your DSTV/cable?
  17. Do you have adult content filters on your internet at home?
  18. Did your child get a cell phone before the age of 10?  – deduct one point
  19. Do you have a regular date night with your partner?
  20. Do you have family goals and have regular house meetings including your children in the discussion (ages 8 and up)?

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Happy parenting!
Trust your instincts, less is more, hug them, and never forget to have fun with your kids!!!

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