The Sensory Side to Wellness

Posted: 17 May, 2018

By: Karlien Terblanche

Section: Corporate, Wellness


Stress – our common enemy. How many times this week have you answered “busy and stressed” when someone asked how you are?  Even though we all know how it feels to be stressed, not many of us understand how stress works.  For instance, did you know that there are 2 types of stress?  And that some stress is good for you?  Yes, you get good stress (eu-stress) and bad stress (dis-stress).

  • Eu-stress, which is the healthy type of stress, enables you to make quick decisions, manage many tasks at once, plan better and become more productive.
  • Distress, which is not good for you, causes you to sleep poorly, get angry and irritable, become forgetful and less productive.

The trick is to move away from distress and into eu-stress. We do this by becoming aware of our bodies and intervening before we become over-stressed and overwhelmed. At Sensory Intelligence® Consulting we are all about being practical. We know you don’t have a lot of time to implement complicated stress release strategies. Our solution to reduce stress includes something you have at your disposal every day – your senses!

Our strategies include using touch, smell, taste, sight and movement to reduce and regulate your stress.  Here are just a few tips, we call this our “Take 5” strategies:

    Deep breathing is the fastest, easiest and most accessible way to de-stress the brain. It immediately lowers your heart rate and regulates your body and brain.
    Keep a water bottle on your desk and drink water regularly. Water is the best fluid to keep the brain clear and alert. A spout bottle is preferable as the sucking action will further help you to de-stress.
  3. MOVE
    Moving the body is one of the most powerful and healthy methods to de-stress and regulate.  Although regular exercise is an ideal stress reliever, just walking to the bathroom, using the stairs and stretching get the brain and body in optimum zone…
  4. BLOW
    If you are tired, angry and/or irritable, blow up a balloon. You will be deep breathing, regulating the brain and curbing anger and irritation without even knowing it.
    Fidget to focus – by playing/ fiddling with a stress ball, fidget spinner, paper clip, ribbon, pen, etc. or doodling, your brain unconsciously and automatically gets organised, clear and regulated.

Do you see how easy it is?  We encourage you to use the Take 5 strategies whenever you feel stressed this week. We guarantee it will make a difference.

But why stop there?  Contact us for an online workshop for your team. You see, managing stress levels is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We use neuroscience principles to show each person how they should deal with their stress, based on their sensory thresholds.  All our workshops are customised to fit your and your company’s needs. Contact us to find out more.

Remember to Take 5 this week!

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