Our Sensory Quiz is a quick and free screening to introduce you to sensory assessment and its powerful benefits. We take you through a short list of 15 questions to determine how your senses process information every day.
Do you know how your 7 senses

Do you know how your 7 senses (yes, we said 7!) influence your attention, emotion and behaviour?

Discover your sensory thresholds trough our Sensory Quiz and use this insight to start thriving in all aspects of your life – from relationships and learning to home, life and work.

Once you start, a timer will begin and you will only have 3 minutes to complete the quiz. There are 15 statements with A and B options – select the one which is most true for you. Make your choices on first instincts – tap into your senses. If you think too long you will over analyse and we are interested in your sensory brain, not your thinking brain. There are no right or wrong answers!  You can view your results online, and you will also receive an email version of your report to keep.

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How is this sensory screening through Sensory Quiz different from a personality test?

How is this sensory screening through Sensory Quiz different from a personality test?

An online personality or psychometric test like Myer-Briggs,  Disc or Enneagram,  looks at character traits as a way to establish a personality style. The emphasis is not on the important underlying intuitive behaviours and this is where Sensory Intelligence® fills the gap. We examine how you react to your environment and how you can change it, or adapt to it.

Any brain action typically works in the following way: 1) sense – you become aware of your environment first; 2) feel – there is or can be an emotional response secondly; 3) think – the brain then goes into action as a response to the environmental trigger as the third step.  Typically personality tests measure how the brain works from midbrain to high level thinking brain – the feel and think part. With our sensory quiz and assessments, we measure and focus on the lower, primitive, bottom part of the