Sensory guidelines to choosing your 2023 diary

Posted: 7 November, 2018

By: Karlien Terblanche

Section: Corporate, General


Last week I came to the shocking realisation that I already need a diary for 2023.  After a few minutes of contemplating how time flies, I made a plan to go to the mall after work.  I decided to visit the stationary store to take a look at their options for a 2019 diary.  I soon realised that the choices were overwhelming, prices ranging from R90 – R590, sizes from “fit in your pocket” to “you need a backpack for this one”, different colours, shapes, formats… I felt overwhelmed just by looking at the rack!

This is when I realised my sensory assess could help me to make a choice.  I am a “root” – this means I have low sensory thresholds and too much information overwhelms me  (but I think you noticed that from above!).  I was very grateful to know my own sensory assess well enough to make sense of what was happening in trying to choose a diary.  So I came up with the following guidelines on how to choose the best diary for yourself for 2019:

Diary covers come in all colours and patterns.  Some are plain with limited text, others are a mixture of beautiful patterns and colours on the front and back, and you even get ones with specific themes like “Little Prince” or “Disney” on them.  I soon realised it is very important to take your visual threshold into account – no matter how much you may like a certain pattern or theme, you need to remember that you will most likely use this diary EVERY DAY for the next year.

  • If you are easily overwhelmed by visual stimuli, like me, you might opt for something with an organised pattern, or a clear colour with limited print on the front.
  • If you love bright colours and wild shapes, you need to remember that you also most likely enjoy nuance and change and that you might grow bored if you choose something too bold.

The best is to pick up the diary, spend some time looking at the cover, and feel what happens in your body.  If you feel excited and ready for the year when you look at the cover, then YES!  If you feel overwhelmed and like there is just ‘too much to do’ when you look at the cover, then maybe another colour and pattern will suit you better.

When looking at the inside of a diary, we also want to take our visual threshold into account.

  • For myself, due to my low threshold, I need a diary that has only one day on a page and the times are clearly marked.  If there is more than one day on a page, the information appears ‘too much’ and I struggle to make sense of what needs to happen in the day.  I also like a diary that has a year planner at the front so I can see everything that needs to happen laid out in one place.
  • If you have a high visual threshold, you might enjoy a format of having more than one day on a page, or even having pictures, motivational quotes and extra information on your page.

Your preference has nothing to do with how busy you are or your cognitive capacity to do a lot.  It simply relates to how much visual information your brain can process at a time.  By choosing the best option, you will free your brain up to do more important work in the day, rather than spend valuable energy trying to decipher your diary. ‘

I soon realised that it’s very important to pick up a diary.  If like me, your diary goes with you to work, to clients and home again it means you have to carry it around all day so you might want to opt for a lighter diary.  The weight is dependent on your body’s ability to carry around additional weight.

  • If it is too heavy, you will become irritated, annoyed and create tension in your shoulders and neck.
  • If you aren’t bothered by extra weight, or you plan not to carry your diary around, you can opt for a bigger size like an A4 or a heavier diary.

It is important to pick up the diary and perhaps even walk around with it a bit.  Are you aware of the weight?  Maybe something lighter will do.  If you are NOT aware of the extra weight, then this might be the one for you!

This last tip I included because choosing a diary seems like very serious business indeed.  But this is just a quick reminder to have fun!  Choosing a diary needs to get you excited for the year ahead, with all the new adventures it might bring!

Tell us how you chose your diary and what you learned about yourself in the process.  We would love to hear from you!

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