Sensory activities for learning and fun

Posted: 20 May, 2016

By: Annemarie Lombard

Section: Education, Parenting

Sensory activities for learning and fun

Limit TV or computer time.  It is passive visual learning only and impacts our children’s learning and development.  I got a great idea from a friend last week; my 8-year old play station time is matched with reading. For every book that he reads and writes or draws a short version of the story, he may play 30 minutes worth of play station. Creative solutions are necessary to lessen time in front of the ever popular screens in our homes.

Have an afternoon of water play. Use a variety of jugs, bottles, sponges, eggbeaters/ whisks, and water guns. You could even add in some different coloured ice blocks. Or you could explore floating and sinking objects so use ping pong balls, golf balls, sponges, corks, blocks, strainers, straws confetti, etc.

Games and puzzles are great activities to keep your children occupied and learning at the same time. Turn taking and sharing practised here are important life skills. Remember also to teach them to pack away a game before starting with the next one. It teaches organisational skills and reduces sensory overload.

Spend an afternoon building a secret hideaway or dress up games. These games will stimulate your child’s touch system and creative thinking.  For a touchy-feely game with a difference, make “goop”. Mix 1 cup of corn flour with 1 cup of lukewarm water. It forms an interesting liquid and solid substance that changes in your hands. It can keep children occupied for hours while stimulating the sense of touch. Also try “slime”: Dissolve 1 cup of green block of sunlight soap with 2 liters of warm water.

Get your kids outside to play!  It is good for their health and development.  The movement system facilitates a lot of learning and concentration.

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