Living in sensory overload

Posted: 20 May, 2016

By: Annemarie Lombard

Section: Wellness

Living in sensory overload

We are surrounded by millions of sensory messages on a daily basis.  There is always so much to do in so little time.  Our schedules are crazy and we battle to filter through all the noise of the modern world.  Time has certainly become the most precious commodity.  I always ask – how do we cope with it all?  Can we go slower or do less?  I don’t know is the real truth.  Juggling different roles and trying to do it all do create frustration, resentment and fatigue, just to name a few.  (Read my previous blog on Business trio). The bottom line that it is not good for our family lives, health, wellbeing, productivity and creativity.  One solution that does work is to get away on a regular basis and COUNTERACT!  This blog was written in my head while trail running on my brother’s game farm in Namibia last week.  We spend a blissful 9 days away from it all.  No TV, no cell phone reception, no technology, just being in nature surrounded by nothingness.  It was yet another sensory discovery for me:  I could again hear what quiet sounds like; distinguish the earthy smell of soil and bush; see the clear (and clean) sky.  At night it was blacker than usual and the stars were bright and shiny.  It was a bit surreal.  Hence my word – COUNTERACT – I think this is possible the best way to try and balance it all.  We work hard and tackle life by the horns daily – but then move out/away and rest hard.  Go look where we were!  It is a great place to counteract – we owe it to ourselves and the people we love.  We also unpack work stress in depth in our corporate wellness workshops while giving practical strategies to improve performance;  As always – live life sensationally!

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