Healthy habits to build family relationships

Posted: 20 May, 2016

By: Annemarie Lombard

Section: Education, Parenting, Relationships

Healthy habits to build family relationships

Family rituals
What are you doing as a family that keeps you together? It can be as simple as hot dogs every Saturday afternoon and pancakes every Sunday night (that is ours – a lot of work on my side, but my boys love it). And the boys do wrestling with Dad Saturday mornings. Family rituals are the stuff we remember a few years down the line. Implement them now to ensure your children have a sense of belonging and sharing.

Do you sit down for one meal a day as a family? These are crucial times to connect with your family, and have time to talk but also to teach your children table manners. “Eat with your mouth closed, the knife is on the right side, fold your napkin on your lap”. This is time to talk and reflect on our days but also provide opportunities for learning.

Mommy time
The one lasting thing I have gained over the years (and believe me, after 23 years in this field, I remain to have lots to learn) – is to take care of myself. If you are in a good space your mothering comes out positive. If you are in a bad space, your mothering comes out negative. Why is this so hard for us to do as mothers? Take time out to take care of yourself? Find your best stress reliever and keep on practising it regularly! You will be a better mother as a result!


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