Masterclass #2

Date: 7 June, 2024

Time: 15:00 SAST to 18:00 SAST

Cost: $250

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Sensory Wellness Coaching

Coaching with a Sensory Processing approach

Join our masterclass for therapists and coaches!
Dive into Sensory Processing 101 and learn coaching methodologies to boost your practice. Gain clarity on therapy vs. coaching, and empower clients with new insights!

What problem are we solving for healthcare therapists and coaches

  • Are you feeling confined and disheartened by the constraints of traditional coaching methods?
  • Frustrated watching others with less nuanced approaches gain traction and attract clients who would greatly benefit from your depth of understanding?
  • Ready to leverage your expertise in Sensory Intelligence® to maximize your impact and elevate your income potential?
  • Feeling that your specialized skills and insights are not being fully recognized or compensated in the coaching landscape?

The agenda

1. Sensory Processing 101:
A Foundation for Effective Coaching for Therapists and Coaches

  • What is sensory processing
  • How does sensory processing impacts attention, emotion and behaviour
  • An introduction to coaching
2. Therapy and Coaching:
Differences and Similarities
  • What is the role of a therapist and what type of clients do they typically work with
  • What is the role of a coach and what type of clients to they typically work with
  • Explore and unpack how therapy and coaching is the same
  • Explore and unpack how therapy and coaching is different
3. Coaching methodology that works
  • Sensory processing used by therapists
  • Sensory processing used by coaches
  • Making best-fit choices for clients in discipline and framework
  • A roadmap for the succesfull implementation of a sensory processing framework in coaching

What will you get

  • Access to join our 3-hour live Zoom masterclass offering a clear and simple roadmap to help you elevate your coaching business incorporating a sensory intelligence® approach
  • You will also get access to the recorded live video session and supportive documentation on our learning management system thereafter
  • A downloadable roadmap to help you elevate your coaching business incorporating a sensory intelligence® approach
  • Shifting your mindset and tactics where opportunities await, fostering professional, financial and personal growth
  • Expert input and guidance from Haneke Jonas and Marieta du Toit, while collaborating and learning from the group
  • The Zoom link will be sent to you with payment confirmation.
    90-day access to the recording of the live masterclass


How do you benefit and what are the outcomes

  • Participants will review the basics of sensory processing, and the impact of sensory systems on human behaviour, emotions, and interactions with the environment
  • Participant will understand the impact and relevance of sensory processing to coaching practice
  • Gain clarity on the distinct purposes, similarities and differences between coaching and therapy
  • Participants will learn coaching principles that improve clients’ self awareness, engagement and the ability to solve their own problems
  • Participants will know how to choose and allocate a sensory processing approach for which clients for coaching success

Your facilitators

Haneke Jonas

is an occupational therapist who founded Jonas Occupational Therapists in 2004, starting her journey as an entrepreneur and therapist. Since then, Haneke has gained experience in mental health occupational therapy and coaching, using the occupational therapy private practice as a platform to empower people to overcome whatever difficulties they have, whether personal or professional. Haneke’s hunger for knowledge and determination to empower and support people, has contributed to her development of courses, workshops and group programmes, including the successful DBT-Informed Vocational Rehabilitation Programme and the INSTOPP Private Practice School and Mentorship Programme. Haneke is also the founder and owner of grounded.well.wise. Her background in private practice, dialectical behaviour therapy and return-to-work rehabilitation, informs her practical and solution-focused approach.  She stays in tune with the latest research through continued personal and professional development.

Haneke believes in practicing what you preach – a philosophy she lives out through her interests in mindfulness, exercise, gardening, creative crafts and painting. She currently works as a mental health coach and strategist, working with groups, teams and individuals, to overcome the challenges in their way to be the best versions of themselves, get clear on what they want and mapping out the way to get there.  Haneke is a Leve 2, Licensed Sensory intelligence® Practitioner.

Marieta du Toit

is an occupational therapist with extensive experience in sensory processing and mental health. She is also a Director of Sensory Intelligence® Consulting and has been pivotal in supporting corporate clients as a sensory coach and co-facilitator since 2017.

Marieta has a special interest in combining neurology, sensory regulation and human behaviour in the modern world, thereby facilitating self-awareness and improved quality of life for clients. Due to the increase of stressors in people’s everyday lives, she enjoys guiding people towards better understanding of their ownSensory Matrix™ scores and as a result, improving their coping skills for work, relationships, wellbeing and “ordinary life”.

She managed a clinical practice successfully for 20 years, dealing with a variety of clients. By applying tools, strategies and principles, together they have achieved their individualised goals and as a result, improved their lives in a sustainable manner.

3 Easy steps

It is easy:

  1. Sign up for the masterclass
    • You can choose the live ($250) or self-directed ($125) version
    • The live session will focus on your position and growth and allow for personalised learning
  2. Attend the live session or review the content in your own time
  3. Implement and grow Use your downloadable roadmap as a guide

Elevate your skills and knowledge and grow financially and professionally

By shifting your mindset and tactics, a world of opportunities awaits, fostering professional, financial, and personal growth.

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