Change is constant

Posted: 20 May, 2016

By: Annemarie Lombard

Section: Relationships, Wellness

Chnage is constant

Things change, daily, all the time. Sometimes it frustrates us and sometimes it excites us. The reality is that change is constant. It is necessary but often creates havoc in organisations as well as lives of people. We evaluate what is working and what is not in order to facilitate new developments, thinking and innovations. We grow, learn and develop by and through change. The world is just so fast today and moving constantly which means those who do not change will be left behind. We are also currently going through a process of change in Sensory Intelligence. Our business is expanding, moving to the next level and embracing the many opportunities we are provided to change lives and make a difference. Apart from expanding our core team and getting more (and the right) people on board, we also went through a rebrand exercise. Apart from working with a brand strategist, Andre le Roux, we also updated and refined our brand identify with a design guru, Brett Atherstone. This whole exercise confronted me again with the reality of change; how much effort and energy it absorbs, how necessary it is, but also how we are predisposed to embrace versus resist change based on our sensory assess make up.

Sensation avoiders, people with low thresholds who are sensitive and attuned to the environment will dig their heels in and resist change. They prefer the status quo, known routines, paradigms and operational systems. It makes them feel safe and secure; they know exactly what to do, when and where. Change for them is typically a hurdle which they will resist.
• The pro’s for how sensation avoiders cope with change is that they will force you to think it through very carefully and be instrumental in detailed and methodical implementation of such changes.
• The con’s is that they will irritate you and drive you nuts with resistance.
• How to deal with them: prepare them in advance and use their detail sense for checking.
Sensation seekers, people with high thresholds who seek out stimuli, opportunities and challenges, will embrace and facilitate change. They enjoy and prefer variations and stimuli and will be at the forefront of change. It energises them, excites them and creates new opportunities for stimulating the brain.
• The pro’s for how sensation seekers cope with change is that they will be positive and supportive of change and add creative and out-of-the box ideas.
• The con’s is that they will overlook important detail and hurdles which potentially might interfere with the success of such projects.
• How to deal with them: use their energy, ideas and commitment to initiate and drive change
Keep on changing – slow for avoiders and fast for seekers – the journey will be worth it.

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