Client: Banking client

Solution: Sensory Intelligence® - improving team productivity

Client Overview

Our South African Banking Client has ±4000 employees, occupying a high-rise building in Pretoria, South Africa. They have a strong culture of learning and development and always looking for innovative ways to improve the productivity and wellbeing of their staff.

The Challenge

A dynamic and comprehensive training and staff development plan was planned for 2018. They contacted Sensory Intelligence® Consulting to assist with open plan office productivity within their Learning and Development team in order to roll it out to the rest of the business.

How we Helped

Sensory Intelligence® Consulting delivered the following intervention journey:

  1. The Sensory Matrix™ Self-assessment
  2. A Sensory Audit™ of their open plan office workspace
  3. Shared office productivity workshop
  4. Focus, Wellness and Work-life balance workshop
  5. Teambuilding with a difference workshop
  6. Coaching circles to consolidate for the full team
  7. Individual coaching sessions

Objectives were:

  • To improve employee wellness by getting individuals to become more self-aware
  • To improve open plan workplace productivity by getting teams to recognise and respect their differences

A post-intervention survey was performed to measure impact and results.

The Outcome

We measured 9 team KPI’s to determine the impact of the intervention ±6 weeks post intervention. No other interventions were included in their learning journey at the time.

The 9 components overall showed a collective increase of 143% meaning the intervention was successful and improved team productivity.


The 9 KPI’s were: 1) Self-awareness, 2) Stress management, 3) Managing distractions, 4) Team awareness, 5) Team respect, 6) Team communication, 7) Team conflict management, 8) Team open plan office conduct and 9) Team productivity.


“We have seen a significant change in productivity in our teams. There is more respect and better communication within the teams. Staff are more self-aware, they manage their own time and distractions better. Their approach to self management, productivity and wellness has shifted. In my opinion, the Sensory Intelligence® intervention has been highly successful and we are planning to roll this out to more
teams in our organisation.”
Christelle van Deventer, Learning and development consultant

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What a wonderful tool, helping people make sense of their world and the way they respond to it. The Sensory Matrix™ is truly an inviting tool and easy to follow. It provides rich information around our sensory input that no one should be without. The practical sensing strategies are just amazing and really make life easier.

Colette Swart


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