Client: CSIR

Solution: Sensory Intelligence® Assessment and Training for productive call centre teams

Client Overview

The shared services call centre team of the CSIR was identified as a group with challenges in performance ratings, team conduct and accountability. Management wanted intervention to address these issues and to take the team performance and cohesion to the next level.

The Challenge

The team struggled with productivity and performance. Their FCR (first call resolution) was poor and they were getting poor service ratings and feedback from the business.

How we Helped

The Sensory Intelligence® intervention included a

1) needs analysis,

2) one-day workshop on sensory intelligence® for teamwork and productivity,

3) post-workshop implementation discussion with management

4) group coaching circle with the team

The objectives of the intervention were to improve performance levels, team engagement, customer satisfaction and business profits.

The Outcome


  • FCR (first call resolution) rating went up from 33% to 74% and further improved to 81 %.
  • Each team member was given particular service enhancement initiatives to master across all business sectors. This meant that they had to elevate service levels for a particular function. An improvement of 70-80% was noted.
  • Service portfolio growth and positive ownership of service delivery were noted through monitoring and surveillance.
  • The call centre team gained more credibility across the shared services group.
  • The team had clear goals and knew their contribution to the organisation.
  • There was a lot more focus on deliverables, targets and KPI’s.
  • Team members took more ownership and a were more accountable.
  • Participation in service monitoring improvements and service delivery enhancements occurred daily.
  • Self and team awareness increased; a more positive attitude and higher energy levels were prevalent.
  • There was better and clearer communication among most of the team members.

“I attended many training initiatives before, but the sensory intelligence workshop was totally different, powerful, yet practical. It is the first of its kind which struck a perfect balance between work and personal matters which are generally problematic to address. I have noticed a significant
shift in behaviour as well as performance KPI’s in my team. I would recommend this to any team needing a boost in performance and behaviour”.
Randolph Verheij, Call Centre Manager.

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Dr Annemarie Lombard has shed light on an area most misunderstood and undiagnosed in the past. Her willingness to share her findings on sensory processing will and has already positively changed the lives of many.

Glenda Pontes

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