Client: KFC Head Office

Solution: Sensory Intelligence® - Workplace Wellness - preparing for the new world of work

Client Overview

The Rohloff Group build their first KFC restaurant in 1981 and now runs about 900 outlets across South Africa armed with the secret recipe of Colonel Sanders. Their support centre is in Somerset-West, with a staff compliment of ±100 to service all the outlets across the country.

The Challenge

The Rohloff group wanted to invest in their employees by providing skills and insights to help curb the high stress, anxiety and uncertainty in the current business environment. They believe that happier and healthier staff will produce better quality work and not leave an organization.

How we Helped

Sensory Intelligence® Consulting delivered a short wellness journey around:

  1. Wellness checker survey to all employees pre-intervention
  2. The Sensory Matrix™ self-assessment for each person to identify gaps and opportunities
  3. Wellness made practical and personal online workshop
  4. Nurture email journey x 6
  5. Wellness checker survey to all employees post-intervention

The HR Manager coined the project: “My B-E-S-T Wellness”  and a pilot was rolled out to the support centre staff in Somerset-West.

B- body wellness

E- emotional wellness

S – social wellness

T – time wellness

Objectives were:

  • Improve personal and team mental health and wellbeing
  • Get easy, practical and effective tools to self-manage successfully
  • Improve your time management skills: manage your time and energy best
  • Get more work done, faster and more efficiently
  • Improve coping skills and resilience to adapt to change easier
  • Get practical self-care tools to prevent burnout and avoid illness and absenteeism

Learn the basic coping skills to become future-fit and thrive in the new world of hybrid working.

The Outcome

We performed pre- and post-intervention surveys with all employees anonymously through a safe, secure and confidential platform.  We are displaying the 20 Wellness indicators below showing an overall 52.09% across all factors.

The Wellness Checker included the following wellness components:

Sleep, Diet, Drinking water, Energy, Quality of social, Hobbies and leisure, Focus and concentration, Positive attitude, Problem solving, Awareness of stress, Managing stress, Coping, Calm-focused and happy, Control emotions, Quiet time, Movement to avoid fatigue, Ending my day, Physical health, Mental health, Work-life balance.

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Just attended the three-day Practitioner Course in Cape Town. What an exciting field for Adult Sensory Wellness, stress management and intervention. So amazing to get to know myself and how I interact with my environment through my sensory thresholds.

Liezet Basson

Occupational Therapist

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