Client: Real Pay Digital Payment Solutions

Solution: Sensory Intelligence® - build a connected and productive hybrid working team

Hybrid working

Client Overview

Real Pay provides digital payments and collections solutions that help businesses increase their cash flow, be more efficient and process their payments securely and easily. Founded in 2003, they pioneered time-sensitive payments in Africa. Today, companies across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Zambia and Uganda, ranging from small enterprises to multinational corporations use their expertise, sector insight and technology capability to deliver safe and convenient solutions to their customers and stakeholders.
Real Pay moved their employees into a remote working space just prior to when the COVID-19 lockdown was implemented.

The Challenge

The progressive leadership team wanted to assist their employees to make the most of remote working in being a connected culture for greater success.  They wanted to continue the high level of performance while also ensuring that the business and employees progressed into an effective hybrid working model.

How we Helped

Sensory Intelligence® Consulting proposed a training journey to get leadership and employees empowered and skilled to build and retain a connected culture for growth, applying remote working frameworks.

Objectives were:

  1. Build personal efficiency and productivity for home working environments
  2. Use daily steps and self-management protocols to cope with all the changes and disruptions
  3.  Develop and maintain a healthy, collaborative and connected culture in the new remote work space

The digital intervention model over a 24 month journey was the following:

  1. Employee survey – pre-intervention
  2. Sensory Matrix™ assessments and the Team Sensory Tree™
  3. Leadership sessions
  4. Home working tips and tools workshop
  5. Digital fatigue tips and tools workshop
  6. Wellness steps to cope with change workshop
  7. Communication and team building workshop
  8. Employee survey – post-intervention

The process was supported by an LMS (learning management system) which all employees had 24/7 access to, as well as regular nurture emails throughout to consolidate insights and learning.

The Outcome

We performed pre and post-intervention surveys with all employees anonymously through a safe, secure and confidential platform.  We are displaying the 14 KPI factors in the graph below, which accounted for an overall improvement across all factors of 129.4%. All questions had a 5-point rating (brilliant, good, fair, poor, appalling). We focused on the shifts in the “brilliant” scores in the graph below.

  • “Brilliant” rating of  business communication improved 9%.
  • “Brilliant” rating of document sharing and having all the information you need improved by 12%.
  • The “brilliant” rating of business team meetings took a 1% dive, which is unfortunate but expected as Zoom/Teams calls are typically more tiring than face to face meetings.
  • “Brilliant” task allocation improved by 31% and all employees know what to do, when and how.
  • Time management skills as brilliant improved 12%.
  • People are keeping 5% better regular schedules at home.
  • There is a 20% increase in satisfaction levels of hybrid working.
  • Staff rated the business with a 34% higher rating on how well they are doing with the home-work-hybrid model.
  • Employees are 7% more optimistic about home working.

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I have used the profiles in my Women Leadership Programme. I find that the Sensory Intelligence® adds to the Women Leaders, and additional layer of self-knowledge, and they use the knowledge for creating an environment that replenishes, not depletes them. The women’s favourite part is the Sensory Snacks. They love that now they have permission for “me time” that is more informed, and empowering.

Queen Ramotsehoa

Director at Tsheto Leadership and Coaching Academy

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