Three benefits of drinking water through a straw

Posted: 20 May, 2016

By: Annemarie Lombard

Section: Wellness

Drinking through a straw

So you are stuck at your desk at work…….. You feel tired, sluggish and heavy…….. Your energy levels have dropped and your focus and attention are starting to fade. It does not help if you went to bed late; and/or were kept awake by a barking dog and/or maybe you had too much of a rough night? The latter being totally your own fault …… and very much associated with our younger generation (although us “oldies” can still give you a go on the odd occasion)! The bottom line is that your brain needs to be rested, refreshed and optimised in order for you to manage work and life on a daily basis. While healthy eating, regular exercise and enough sleep are the three fundamental healthy habits, there is another easy and practical “quick-fix” accessible to us all: drink water! And if you do, drink it through a straw or a sports bottle. The 3 key reasons below:
• Water is the best fluid for the brain – it clears out all the cobwebs, hydrates your thinking, and makes you feel alert and awake…
• A straw creates a sucking action – the oldest way to calm and de-stress the body and brain! Thus aim for less smoking and over-eating and drink water instead….
• The 3rd benefit is a full bladder – so lift your bum off the chair and get in a quick stretch break on your way to the loo. You will give your brain and body a very much needed break to ease tension in the head and muscles!

Cheers to H₂O!
Cheers to a healthy and productive workforce!
Oh, and water drinking and driving is totally allowed and legal.

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