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The top five New Year resolutions for corporate teams

Posted: 20 May, 2016

By: Annemarie Lombard

Section: Corporate

New Years resolutions

Although New Year resolutions can become quite trivial and petty; having some goals to start your year is important.  Setting them are easy; but achieving and maintaining them the difficult part.  People behaviour and effectiveness are the core focus of our work and a key to organisational success.  We challenge you to incorporate the following 5 resolutions :

1.  Don’t just pay lip service to human capital.  All leadership levels should truly value the people in your organisation – they are important for success.

2.  Effective and appropriate learning and development will enhance the productivity of your staff and impact on your bottom line.  Remember these should not be isolated events but an ongoing journey.

3.  Implement a wellness program in your organisation – it is becoming more and more important considering the state of our health.  Research is clear on the high return on wellness programs.

4.  Embrace flexibility within your organisation.  The world of work is changing and getting the right people to stay will become more and more important.  Flexibility in hours and physical work space has capacity to get people more productive and certainly more loyal.

5.  Workspace matters!  Consider lighting, space, air quality, furniture, design and break away areas to name a few.   Our brains are connected to the space around us 24/7.  Adding or withdrawing sensory stimuli have a massive impact on how people focus and perform.

Happy New Year – may it be a sensational one!