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Sensory Intelligence® and stress: When is too much too much?

Posted: 20 May, 2016

By: Annemarie Lombard

Section: Wellness


We are bombarded by information from our environment on a daily basis. The human brain reacts to this information in a particular way and on certain levels, depending on:

* in-born neurological threshold
* general health and wellness
* type and intensity of the information

Levels of reaction to the environment:

 1. I’m Ok
A level of comfort enabling a person to cope with all information from the environment in a productive and optimal manner.

2. Stressed
The next level where drive and output get accelerated by work load, intensity and expectation, the so called “good stress”.

3. Overloaded
This is a level where work load; intensity and expectation start to reach a stage beyond the physical capacity of an individual resulting in stress, uncertainty and regression of performance. A warning sign to reduce expectation and input/output.

4. Out of control
The individual experience significant break-down of function which could result in fear, aggression and/or other negative emotional output. At this level conflict often occurs in a work environment. This is an extremely negative phase for everyone involved as it breaks down teamwork, personal effectiveness and cohesion.

5. Shutdown/Depersonalization/Dissociation
Break down of individual abilities. At this level physical removal from the environment is necessary. People often get sick at this stage. It is a classic sign of burn-out.

Where are you functioning?

Sensory Intelligence® consulting can help you identify and reduce sensory overload to be more productive, happy and healthy:

* Start with your Sensory Matrix™ sensory self-assessment
* Determine thresholds and environmental stressors specifically for your assess type
* Coaching with emphasis of understanding, insight and removal and/or changing of stressors