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Sensory hacks to beat stress

Posted: 27 July, 2018

By: Karlien Terblanche

Section: Corporate, Wellness

Sensory hacks to beat stress

Today we are talking about the BIG S-WORD. The one we all know very well. The one we all experience at some time or another. The one we can’t escape. Yes, I’m talking about stress. That little buzzword that is often the answer to “How are you?”

At Sensory Intelligence® Consulting we understand the brain science behind stress. We also know that stress is part of life – we can have no life without stress. We’ve spent a lot of time, energy and research on understanding stress and creating easy, practical “sensory hacks” for everyday life to beat stress. Once you start to implement them in your life you will be surprised by how much more manageable your stress becomes!

    Chewing gum provides deep pressure and repetitive movement through our jaws. This helps to regulate our arousal levels and can calm us down when we are stressed and under pressure. Some schools even promote chewing gum during class!
    Steve Jobs was a fan of walking meetings, for good reason. The quickest way to calm our sensory system is through movement. Walking meetings, quick lunchtime walks, longer walks at the end of the day … anything goes, as long as you move!
    It is very rare to get a moment of complete silence. Very often there is the sound of traffic, people talking in the background or the radio playing. This means that our auditory sense becomes overwhelmed and overloaded. Taking 5 minutes of true quiet – sinking underwater, putting in earplugs, driving to a forest and just sitting – can make a world of difference.
    Does your boss always moan at you for doodling in a meeting? Here’s your chance to make your case! Doodling uses our visual, proprioceptive and tactile senses to regulate our arousal level and calm our brains. It improves concentration, memory retention and prepares our brain for calm, clear decision-making.

Can you think of other sensory hacks? Leave a comment below, we would love to hear!

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