Overloaded brain circuits: The war on attention

Posted: 20 May, 2016

By: Annabella Sequeira

Section: Corporate

Overloaded brain circuits The war on attention

Demands, tasks and deadlines have increased the daily frenzied distractions we are faced with in a 21st century workplace. Our brain circuits have become overloaded and we use all our energy to simply survive, doing as much as we can, as fast as we can and as best as we can, yet we don’t always perform to our best potential. Despite our best efforts, our to-do lists, tasks, meetings and inboxes still grow exponentially and we are stretched, stressed, disengaged and worn-out.

In the modern workspace of open plan office environments it is very difficult to escape the continuous bombardment of the senses.  As managers/leaders/supervisors you are expected to trouble shoot, problem solve, deal with people and technology issues, manage processes – all which require a high level of brain energy, thinking and reasoning.  For this you need time and space, which so often escape us. Research shows a vast increase in workplace stress and depression rated as the main occupational disease of the 21st century, placing our brains, health and self-esteems at risk.

Although the brain works best with a certain amount of pressure and demand, there is a fine line between kick starting you versus throwing you over the edge.

  • Are you able to recognise your limits?
  • How do you handle all the demands and distractions?
  • Being most efficient and resilient in the workplace takes knowledge, insight and guts!
  • Workplace stress and distractions are real and constant; it cannot be avoided – it must be understood and tackled through practical, easy and effective strategies.
  • Understanding and reducing stress and distractions will result in better brain power, better performance and efficiency.

Business leaders owe it to their bottom line to tackle these issues and not expect employees to simply “shape up or ship out”.

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