Masterclass #1

Date: 5 April, 2024

Time: 09:00 SAST to 12:00 SAST

Cost: $250

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The Therapists' Path to Corporate Success - A Roadmap for Business Growth

Our masterclass offers a clear journey, guiding you through transitioning from traditional healthcare practice to thriving in a corporate setting.
Drawing from our own journey filled with trials and triumphs, we provide invaluable insights to streamline your path to success.

What problem are we solving for healthcare therapists

  • Are you feeling trapped and discouraged by the limitations of your current practice environment?
  • Do you notice competitors with seemingly lesser skills encroaching on your territory and winning over clients?
  • Are you eager to optimize your time and increase your earning potential?
  • Do you feel undervalued and underpaid for your expertise?

The agenda

1. Focus on the therapist
  • Who are you?
  • Where do you work and what do you do?
  • Why do you want to make this shift?
  • What skills do you have to support the shift?
  • What concerns do you have in making the shift?
  • The 7 must-have skills you need (or must outsource) to pivot into corporate
2. Focus on the corporate client
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Why did you choose them?
  • What problems are you solving?
  • Corporate jargon 101 – what is important to them
  • The client’s needs versus your skills
  • The 7 must-have corporate insights needed for success
3. Matching the therapist with the corporate client
  • Steps to implement
  • Practice versus business – how is it different
  • Marketing and sales – what we don’t seem to know
  • Product and service – how are they different and why do we need both
  • Ethics, liability and billing
  • The 7 pillars of business: finance, strategy, marketing, selling, operations, human resources, clients
  • Your clients: needs, delivery, relationship, evaluation
  • The 7-step roadmap
  • What do I do next?

What will you get

  • 3 Hours of learning from experts who have successfully pivoted from healthcare to corporate delivery
  • A free downloadable business roadmap
  • Access to our learning management system for 90 days to review and relook at the training session
  • A free business proposal template tailored for delivering healthcare services for a corporate client
  • Access to a self-rating scale for business skills to determine and gauge your own strengths
  • The 7 must-have corporate insights to help you pivot into the business world successfully
  • Examples of both a business bio one- and two-pager

How do you benefit and what are the outcomes

  • Identify your own personal strengths and development areas to pivot into corporate service delivery
  • Identify your mindset restrictions and learn how to overcome them to land corporate clients successfully
  • Get more insights into corporate jargon and how to use them to your advantage
  • Get into the “mind” of the typical corporate client and learn how to speak their language
  • Learn how to develop, position and sell your products to corporate clients
  • Learn the difference between product and service and why you need both for your business to be sustainable
  • Get more insights around marketing and sales as they are often big stumbling blocks for therapists
  • Why and how you need to nurture client relationships
  • Learn how to use your “therapists’ skills” as an advantage and not a hurdle
  • Get a clear guideline on the necessary steps to follow towards success

Your facilitators

Annemarie Lombard             

is an occupational therapist with a PhD in Occupational therapy (OT) who landed in the corporate space by accident when doing her research comparing sensory processing with work performance of call centre agents. She is the founder and CEO of Sensory Intelligence®, a sensory processing expert and a thought leader in this application.
Her passion for sensory processing, OT, and teaching others has kept her going since 2003, pivoting into the corporate consulting and training space.
Having made many mistakes along the journey but successfully working with big corporate clients and projects globally, she wants to share her insights for you to fast-track this process.


Marieta du Toit

is an occupational therapist with extensive experience in sensory processing and mental health. She is also director of Sensory Intelligence® Consulting and has been pivotal in supporting corporate clients as a sensory coach and co-facilitator since 2017.

3 Easy steps

It is easy:

  1. Sign up for the masterclass
    • You can choose the live ($250) or self-directed ($125) version
    • The live session will focus on your position and growth and allow for personalised learning
  2. Attend the live session or review the content in your own time
  3. Implement and grow Use your downloadable roadmap as a guide

Get more corporate clients and grow financially and professionally

By shifting your mindset and tactics, a world of opportunities awaits, fostering professional, financial, and personal growth.

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