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Christmas – a time to rest, reflect and recharge?

Posted: 20 May, 2016

By: Annemarie Lombard

Section: Wellness

Christmas time to rest reflect

I love Christmas time.
We can close the office without any guilt (most of our clients do too anyway), sit and read books, see good movies, clean out those cupboards and spaces that accumulated throughout the year and above all, spend time with family and friends. We become a lot more connected to ourselves, people and the important stuff in life, purely because we have more time. Or rather allow ourselves more time to just be.
But at the same time we move into this buzz of Christmas shopping, food and parties which leave a trail of frantic chaos. I get caught up in it too, but then try very hard to remind myself what Christmas is really all about. It is really a festival of Christ and His birth which is such a powerful connector to our families, friends and communities. May we remember this amazing blessing during this special time of the year and truly stop to smell the roses. Hug a loved one, what the hell, hug a stranger and just enjoy the simplicity of life, joy and peace.
May you have a blessed Christmas season and fully recharge batteries to tackle the new year with energy, passion and commitment.