In every daily environment, the human brain gets flooded with sensory stimuli. We hear, see, smell, touch, taste and move. Through this constant bombardment of stimuli, your brain needs to filter, process and navigate in order to act appropriately. The impact of environmental stimuli will either facilitate stress and distraction or calmness and focus.  Understanding your environment through your unique sensory style mean we can identify triggers and understand the impact of environmental stimuli on our daily focus, energy and productivity.

What exactly can we do for you?

Through on-site visits, careful observations, measurements and discussions with the people who are inhabiting the space and assessment of the he impact of environmental stimuli we will determine a score rating for your organisation, call centre or school. We measure environments through a sensory processing lens in 3 categories: collective space, personal space and wellness-culture factors. Reporting will highlight your gaps and strengths. Our solutions will address the risks identified and how you can adapt the space for more  comfort, well-being, efficiency and productivity.

Sensory audits for workspaces

Measuring collective space (noise absorption solutions for floors and ceilings, amount of clutter, use of colour, etc)

Measuring individual desk space (ergonomic chairs, desk size, glare on screens, sunlight versus fluorescent lights, etc)

Measuring wellness and culture factors (cafeteria, leadership styles, parking and transport availability, etc)

A comprehensive report with results and solutions will provide a range of adaptations to improve end user comfort, productivity and well-being. For out of the box thinking organisations the sensory audit takes employee well-being and loyalty to the next level.

Call Centres
Sensory audits for call centres

Measuring collective space (noise levels, temperature and air conditioning, density – how many people are sharing space, etc)

Measuring individual desk space (well designed and effective dividers, headsets, ergonomic chairs, etc)

Measuring wellness and culture factors (wellness incentives, water coolers, recognition programs etc)

A comprehensive report will provide insights, results and solutions to reduce sensory overload in call centres so that people can work easier for longer periods of time.  With customer service such a strong focus in the call centre industry, we need comfortable, focused, healthy and happy employees.  Creating such environments start with the optimisation of the physical and sensory workspace.

Sensory audits for schools

Measuring collective space (does the school have enough classrooms to cater for all learners, etc)

Measuring classroom space (how many visual distractions, colour and clutter are in the classroom, etc)

Measuring wellness factors (does the school endorse and support outside play and movement)

A report and discussion will provide a view on the physical and sensory workspace of the school.  Schools are busy and overloaded and our solutions will highlight where this can reduce children’s focus, attention and therefore learning.  Solutions will improve children’s learning output by promoting healthy learning spaces with less overload, stress and distractions.  This is applicable from kindergarten to postgraduate learning spaces.

The benefits of sensory intelligence for workspaces

  • Remove unnecessary stress and distractions to improve your comfort levels

  • Promote higher levels of focus so that your employees or learners can be more productive

  • Promote your health and wellbeing through design, set-up and how work and learning spaces are managed

Important statistics you should know


Transforming your business into a healthy and productive place to work can cut staff-related costs. We offer specialised sensory solutions to optimise workspace, improve agent focus and boost company output.


Team leaders are often not equipped to deal with operational as well as people management demands. We offer sensory evaluation and interactive workshops that empower executive and team leaders to better manage, motivate and engage workers.


A happy and engaged workforce can lessen the financial burden of illness on the company. Our unique people development services use sensory neuroscience to boost corporate wellness and resilience.



Hugo Heunes
Former Group Credit Operations Manager at HomeChoice Holdings Limited
“During February 2014 Sensory intelligence Consulting conducted a sensory audit for our 600 seater contact centre. The audit delivered comprehensive results that improved our understanding regarding the use of space on our employees’ wellness and productivity.

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We could use the practical suggestions to plan our new space.  More recently we were able to use the results again to send recommendations to our CEO regarding the use of colour in the centre.”

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Laurence Hillman
Managing Director at 1Life
“Just a short note to thank you for your input and work done in our environment. Senses on call report has been useful in assisting us assess the best people for our environment and the Sensory Audit gave us practical, implementable ideas to tailor our people and environment to improve the working experience and performance.
Peet van Biljon
Director at Van Biljon Barnardo Architects (Pty)Ltd
“We can recommend Dr Annemarie Lombard with great pleasure. Her contribution towards achieving the desired goal of a project which deals with people in various spaces and placings, is really valuable and in my mind should be an integral part of planning.”