Sensory Intelligence® Consulting applies tailored solutions to create an ideal work environment that produces and supports high-performance teams, cultivates innovative thinking, and promotes employee well-being. The working world has become chaotic, filled with constant meetings, long hours and pressure-driven deadlines. Sensory overload in the workplace has led to a high level of disengagement, breakdown in relationships, increased stress, poor health and destructive team dynamics. We simplify sensory neuroscience through practical, easy and cost-effective methods to improve your productivity and team relationships.

What exactly can we do for you?

Profiling people
Profiling People
Employees will improve workplace behaviours through a personal journey of self-discovery

The Sensory Matrix™ is our online assessment tool to help your teams be more self-aware of their own needs, distractions, triggers and stress factors.  Interventions are primarily based on improving self-regulation through practical and easy strategies. This does not only benefit teams but also individuals. As teams move from self- to team-awareness they become more understanding, compassionate and supportive. This creates an ideal work environment.

Work space assesment
Work Space Assessment
Workspaces should be designed and set-up to promote the wellbeing and productivity of your employees

Our sensory audit measures collective space, personal space and wellness-culture factors through 50 best-practise principles. We identify sensory overload occurrences and distractions within the workspace and provide sensory ergonomics as one of the key solutions. We assist in creating an ideal work environment where your employees can thrive.

Training & Development
Soft skills is the new workplace currency and a critical resource that employees need in order to thrive

Using interactive workshops based on sensory neuroscience we shift work teams to improve their attention, emotion and behaviour in the workplace.  Through a careful needs analysis and customised approach we focus on: leadership development, health and wellbeing, open plan office productivity and team building.

The benefits of creating an ideal work environment

  • Reduce your distractions, increase focus and improve productivity.
  • Reduce the exorbitant, yet often hidden, costs of employee unhappiness, absenteeism and work-related illnesses.
  • Increase the personal capacity and coping of your employees for improved mental health and wellbeing.
  • Create a positive, supportive and successful workplace and culture where people can thrive.
  • Increase the personal capacity and coping of employees for improved mental health and wellbeing. Read more.

Important statistics you should know

The new world of work is fast, competitive, demanding and constantly changing.


A happy and engaged workforce can lessen the financial burden of illness on the company. Our unique people development services use sensory neuroscience to boost corporate wellness and resilience.


Lack of energy and motivation in the workplace leads to employees not applying themselves and a decline in output. Our Sensory Audit™ offers specialised solutions to optimise workspace, improve employee focus and boost company productivity.


Managers are often not equipped to deal with operational as well as people management demands. We offer sensory evaluation and interactive workshops that empower executive leaders to better manage, motivate and engage workers.



Jean Craven, Group CEO at Barak Fund Management
Jean Craven
Group CEO at Barak Fund Management
“Last year Sensory Intelligence has helped my company highlight certain structural shortfalls that we would not have been able to highlight in the normal course of business.

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At first view these shortfalls seemed relative unimportant from a priority point of view, but through dedicated mediation and facilitation by Sensory Intelligence, addressing these gaps in our team dynamics has improved the way we operate not only as a management team, but as a business as a whole. One of our best investments last year!”

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Terry Dearling, HR Director at Barloworld Equipment Southern Africa
Terry Dearling
HR Director at Barloworld Equipment Southern Africa

“Thriving in the 21st Century holistically is no mean feat however with Annemarie Lombard’s Sensory intelligence course I received empowering tools to do just that.

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Being taught to be self-aware of what triggers move me from rationale to high stress and then knowing how to reign in these emotions and manage my related behaviours means I am now able to function more effectively in all aspects of my life.

This course is a “gift for life” and I recommend it for anyone who wants to feel elated about living.”

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Alex Wise, Partner at Deloitte & Touche
Alex Wise
Partner at Deloitte & Touche

“Thank you for all you have done – your approach has been revolutionary. The impact the sensory intelligence has already had on the team has been remarkable.

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The team has completely moved themselves around and seated themselves according to the place which is most conducive to their assess. One of my managers came to me the other day and said – I no longer have to work at night anymore – I am getting through all my work during the day as my productivity has increased by 25%. Amazing. She is so much happier and energised. Simple things – yet so powerful.”

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