Sensory Intelligence Training Events

People and training remain our core passion and commitment to empowering you to be healthy, happy, productive and improve the quality of your life.   While we used to focus on offline, live events, our events have pivoted to various online platforms to serve you best.

We offer the following online workshops:

  1. Sensory Matrix™ workshop – this is a monthly FREE event to discuss your Sensory Matrix™ results in more detail. You must complete your online Sensory Matrix™ assessment in order to be eligible to attend.  Read more about how you can benefit from completing an online Sensory Matrix™ assessment and sign up for the workshop here. We are typically discussing how you can use your results to make better decisions for best practices in remote working, reduce digital fatigue and improve your wellbeing.
  2. Reduce digital fatigue – this is a 90-minute online workshop to understand what is happening in our brains because of digital fatigue. With visual- and auditory overload the brain is being challenged in new ways. We will share easy, effective, simple yet powerful neuroscientific tips and tools to reduce your discomfort and fatigue. Click here to sign up.
  3. Create the best remote/home-working environment – Our new norm means you have to work faster, more effective from remote working environments.  Our core expertise lies in assessing and understanding environments to apply it for everyone slightly different so that you can make the most of your daily productivity. Your environment matters and can either hamper or help how you work every day. Another power-filled 90-minutes of learning.  Click here to join.
  4.  Wellness steps to cope with change – Amongst complexity and change, you will be provided with 7 steps that are not only easy to do but are effective in preparing your body and brain to be productive and reduce stress throughout your day.  Another 90-minute interactive online workshop to help you survive, thrive and succeed. Join us, you owe it to yourself!
  5. For the professionals out there wanting to add to their therapy-, coaching- or people development toolbox, sign up for our comprehensive practitioner’s course to learn sensory intelligence. If you want a practical yet powerful tool to help your clients to improve their daily productivity, wellbeing, relationships and teamwork, look into this course. It is a 12-module online course accredited by the University of Stellenbosch and a life-changing event. Sign up here. 

We offer public online worships through our shop to improve your daily soft skills. If you are a leader or manager who is worried about your staff, please contact us for a customized program for your team.